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1993 Subaru Legacy L, 95K miles 1 Owner

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Hey y'all,


New to the forum, just wanted to share this gem I found for $2,000.  Subaru Legacy L Sedan 93 with 1 Owner, garage kept.  Just needs alignment done, and I found an OEM center console lid to replace current because somehow he broke the original.  The paint is practically flawless. Will proudly take care and drive this beast.



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2 hours ago, Febreze Mee said:

More pics required. 

You got it!!  I'm never getting rid of the stock tape deck, I'll jam cassettes until it goes.  






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Never, I mean NEVER removed those tapes. If you do the car will never work again. I wish I found this. I think that will be my next project is to try to find one of these and buy it. Nice find.

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18 minutes ago, MitchRoyce said:

You're the lucky one. I got my car for $2500 and it was in less good state.

I was incredibly blessed to find this.  1 owner and it was an old fella who passed about a month before I bought it, he really loved this car from what I heard from his wife.  I have to let the LEGACY live on!!!!!!!!

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I had her down in ocean city Maryland for the car show this Friday. She was a damn hit, no one ever has mint 1st gen legacys on the road.  I plan on having the running boards and tiny wheel well rust fixed. PA rust is real too brother. 30 years will do it even if garaged

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