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2006 Legacy GT Transmission, $4,500.00 OBO

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Rebuilt 2006 Legacy GT Transmission.  Like new condition.  

$4,500.00 offers accepted.

Freight shipping will be required.  Currently with me in Moscow, Idaho.

5 Speed, automatic transmission.

Model: 31000AG710

Approximately 20,214 miles on transmission after rebuild.

Vehicle was in collision and totaled.  Engine was in new condition after accident and sold soon after.  Transmission put into storage at that time.

Transmission has sat in climate controlled shop/garage and I no longer have use for it.  


Rebuilt transmission proof page 1.jpeg


EDIT: (Not sure why this picture keeps posting upside down, it has been formatted correctly....)

Rebuilt transmission proof page 2.jpeg




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I just picked up a spare 5MT for a couple hundred bucks. The $4300 difference would be enough to convince me I could learn to drive manual and like it. Otherwise, for the age of our cars, and maintenance cost of the turbo models - whoever spends this much on an transmission at this point has probably figured they're taking the LGT to the grave with them.

A quick google search to compare other 5EATs for prices revealed a 6spd swap with all drivetrain components for $3K shipped, in the case someone wants to make a leap.



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On 8/16/2022 at 7:05 PM, TheGerbenator said:

You must not know Subie transmissions very well.  Let me introduce you to them.....they are needlessly expensive. That invoice was JUST for the rebuild, I had to still have all the components.

I paid $3000 to get my 4eat rebuilt a year and a half ago.  So... that's pretty average there bud. At this price point, the only buyer will be someone who bought a car without a transmission and wants to take the car to the grave with them; as Mr Febreze said.

Good luck!

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Do you have the TCM possibly? I need one from an 06 5EAT but cannot find one anywhere. I need a used one so I don’t have to pay 1000 bucks for the part and programming. Please lmk if you do or have access to the car to pull it out. Thank you! Or if anybody has one for sale lmk.

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