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The Great LGT.com Fundraiser '05


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Marco and his family are the real winners tonight, thanks to all the donators, including the generous vendors who donated prizes.http://forums.corvetteforum.com/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif
Damnnit I knew I forgot to say something.


Seriously thank you so much guys. You have made the difference for Marco and his family this Christmas. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy new year. Please be safe and if you need a ride from a Holiday party, give me a call I'll be the DD

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Final tally = $1355





Thanks to all who donated and to those who particpated in the raffle. I'll be sending the money to Marco's family as soon as the money is moved from Paypal to my account so I can go buy a Visa Gift Card. I'll FEDEX that to 03Indigo so he can give to the family. :dm:

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one of my co-workers just gave me $50!! So, after the fees for the gift cards, $1400 is going to Marco and family. :D



That is frickin awesome. I can't wait to hand it to them this coming weekend....gives me shivers to think about how happy this is going to make them.

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1. Turbometrics WWW.Turbometrics.com was kind enough to offer up an Up Pipe.


2. Pszydlik WWW.PLTEK.NET was kind enough to offer the following items,

A. Perrin Air Filter.

B. COBB battery tie down

C. Shifter Bushings


3. Magnetic1 WWW.Brakeswap.com WWW.tireswap.com was kind enough to offer up a stainless steel brake line kit.


4. MDTurbo HTTP//Marylandturbo.com/catalog/ was kind enough to offer up a Greddy catch can. .


5. ME myself and I are offering a Donator status, not once, but to two different members. The first winner will get Donator status and our fearlees leader and site owner will send you a LegacyGT.com T shirt.

the Second winner will get Donator status and a Mann Engineering T shirt (large) and Mann Engineering Sticker WWW.Man-Engineering.com.



6. Aczwild is also offering 2 members donator status. The first will win donator status and Green LegacyGt.com polo shirt provided by our gracious site owner Tide. The second winner will get Donator status.

7.WRX_LGT was generous enough to offer a RBS grill insert



8. Highway drifter has offered Dolphin eye lines.


9. Crucial Racing WWW.crucialracing.com was generous enough to offer a Cool Safe T-Stat a license plate frame and a coveted sticker.

10. SnoDork was generous enough to offer up a set of Avo End Links.


Special thanks to all the vendors who contributed!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you show them your appreciation by checking out their awesome Products!!!!!!

Need forum help? Private Message legGTLT
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heightsgtltd, I feel bad about you giving away the can, if you want (or if you choose to give it away anyway) I can do a $80 store credit? That way people can get whatever they want on the marylandturbo.com web site.

2012 Forester XT. Stage 2+

Retired from Racing. I used to build FMIC and more.

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Just finished time with family, going to bed soon, very tired.


I gave the card to Marco's mother on Friday night. They had a long weekend, but the Visa Gift Cards in the amount of $1375 were given to them, His mother cried and thanked everyone. She also asked if everyone could pray for them as he is pretty sick at the moment. Marco also received some killer RC car stuff, he looked at it, but was not feeling well enough this past weekend to play with any of his toys.


Super big thanks to everyone for their donations and efforts in organizing this, it really made a huge difference for a family in serious need. Marco's mother stated that they had been living on about $300 a month, so this will help them for quite some time. We have gotten them free housing in an apartment right near the hospital while Marco remains an inpatient. We have also provided them with gifts for all the kids, donated by the nursing staff on the unit. Social work provided long distance calling cards so they can call home to Montana. Despite their situation, they tried to make the best of what they have....just too bad Marco was not up for playing with his new toys. I go back to work Thursday night, so hopefully he will pull through by then and be more interested in all his gifts.


Thanks again to everyone



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Jon....please pass along some hugs to the family. Ask Betsy to give you one from me too....you did your best bro. Marco brought joy to everyone's lives in such a short time here with us. His vibrant smile will always be in my memory. :)
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Thanks guys. Betsy has been real supportive and understanding. She lets me talk it out, over and over. I did spend quite a bit of time today on the phone with other people that took care of Marco. I was the only one of his regular staff that was with him at his time of passing. It did them good to know one of us was there, and that he went peacefully.


He was an amazing kid....only 4 1/2, but had a wisdom about him that made him seem like a little old man. At one point yesterday morning, while he was still able to talk to us, I had stepped out his ICU room to go get a glass of water. He was so worried about me, he sent his sister after me to check on me. When she came running, I thought the worse. I rushed back to his room, and there he was, everyone laughing at my face. He just wanted them to check on me, since I was gone for only a moment. In the last little conversation we had together, I asked Marco how he was doing...his exact quote....."I'm doin good!!!". Amazing. With all that he had going on, and only hours before he passed away, he still did not complain.


It was peaceful, he did not suffer, and he was able to let his spirit free to go out and help others. I will miss him, his smile, his comments, and most of all, his positive energy. He touched a lot of people.


Marco Antonio Lopez, 4/4/2001 to 12/27/2005. One of the greatest people that ever lived!!!!!

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Here is a pic of Marco and I from the week before Xmas...One of the last times he was able to sit at his little Batman table and play. He was actually playing with his 'Cuda at the time.


Just wanted to put this up so everyone can remember him and say a prayer for his family in their time of need. All of your efforts to help them out during this season will not be forgotten.


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Sorry to hear the sad news. My prayers and condolences go out to Marco's family...Hope you feel better as well man. It's crazy how someone all of us have known for so little time has affected us. I'm truly saddened by this turn of events...

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