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My 2007 new 3.0R

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After 14 years and 250.000km with me, my old 2004 Legacy 3.0R 6MT Spec B went away to a Subaru Dealer (350.000km total, head gasket failure supposed)...

I bought my new one in Switzerland 3 months ago, 3.0R 2007 Executive S model, everything is like Spec B one, Black leather, 18" rims, Bilstein shock absobers, front spoiler, but 5EAT Si Drive.


Few esthetics mods done:

Engine bay covers, JDM Sti front lip, Momo Shift knob.

E85 remap convert (more than half price of SP95 in France)

MADAC (french hand made) inox exhaust


Comming: STI coil springs, bushes...

Still loves those cars!!! :wub:
































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Just a little bit of rust under the car but nothing important.

My last one was 2004, driving in middle mountain, with salt on roads during winter, nothing important too with 350.000km...

I have a question : is it possible to find honeycomb or mesh grill for the lower part of the bumper, under the licence plate?

My English is too bad to find it by myself...

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Couldn't find a great link but grillcraft makes ones. Example: http://www.2040-parts.com/2008-2009-subaru-legacy-grillcraft-lower-1pc-black-grille-mx-series-grill-i537613/


So jealous of the euro spec. So beautiful, plus you have the option of the 6mt/spec b for the 3.0R. Would love to get my hands on one. And you got the colour I wanted and is rare here for the 3.0R.


Nice to see another 3.0R in here.



If you have the means to import one, from the looks of what was available out there, they are much nicer. HID headlights with washers, push button start (not sure which models but I've see a 4th gen with it), I think backup sensors, nicer front end with honeycomb grill (and many other choices) and nicer center console... And the 3.0R spec b.

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My last one was a 2004 6MT.

STI short shift, Tein S coil springs...











No start button on the 2007 one.

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The honeycomb front grille isn't the genuine one, it's a Spec B one (same part number than... diesel one ! bought used in Italy 135 euros...).

The genuine one was the same than my 2004...

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