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EB's Subaru journal - 2005 LegacyGT wagon & 2014 Forester FB25 (08 specB - RIP)


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Well I guess it’s time to start a journal of my progress and updates. Getting hard to keep track of things and it might be helpful to share my journey.

Bought my first Subaru in 2006, back when the platform and forums were getting lots of attention. I immediately became obsessed and started spending obscene hours reading. Quickly started buying parts, and doing all my maintenance and installs. Over the many years I learned so much, and it’s been a great experience bc these cars have been extremely reliable and fun to me. Plus I became apart of a massive online community, which has been just as rewarding.

2005 OBP 2.5RS 5mt -> 2005 ABP LGT sedan 5mt -> 2004 AW STi -> 2005 RBP LGT wagon 5mt

On the last day of April in 2012, I took a one-way train to Princeton NJ and purchased my wagon sight unseen. I’m the fourth owner, all of which have been forum members.



2005 Regal Blue Pearl Legacy 2.5GTL Wagon - 5mt (1/86 made in North America)

5/12 with 107k

5/13 with 122k

5/14 with 133k

5/15 with 143k

5/16 with 156k

5/17 with 167k

5/18 with 179k

5/19 with 191k

5/20 with 193k

5/21 with 194k

5/22 with 196k

5/23 with 198k

Engine & Exhaust:

  • COBB APv2, Stg2, 93oct (Stg1 @ 70k miles, Stg2 @ 123k miles)
  • SXboost Turbochargers billet VF40 (@ 191k miles)
  • Crucial Racing HFC downpipe - DEI wrapped & coated
  • COBB Inconel up-pipe
  • SPT v2 catback - wagon fit & DEI coated
  • Perrin TMIC - 3m wrapped
  • AVO hi-flow fuel pump 
  • Fluidampr crank pulley
  • K&N panel filter
  • COBB throttle body coupler
  • Perrin up-pipe blanket
  • PTP turbo blanket
  • AVO radiator shroud
  • Backup EJ257 & B25 Heads
  • Backup JmP custom billet VF40


  • MY07 LGT clutch (@ 91k miles)
  • MY07 LGT single mass flywheel
  • COBB adjustable short throw shifter
  • ExtraS gear oil (@ 112k, 131k, 162k & 193k miles)
  • Torque Solutions front shifter bushings
  • Whiteline trans mount insert
  • Whiteline rear diff inserts  
  • Backup 5mt


  • Koni adjustable struts
  • H&R sport springs w/ rear spacer 3/8”
  • SpecB front control arms
  • Whiteline adjustable rear control arms - lower f&r
  • COBB sway bars - f&r
  • COBB rear sway stout mounts
  • Kartboy solid endlinks - f&r
  • STi Legacy flexible strut tower bar
  • STi Legacy flexible lower arm bar
  • STi Legacy crossmember braces


  • STi Brembo caliper conversion - f&r gold
  • STi e-brake shoes
  • Stoptech street pads - f&r (@ 192k miles)
  • Centric rotors - f&r (@ 192k miles)
  • GrimmSpeed MCB
  • Technafit SS brake lines - front


  • OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT, 17x8 +48, ~15.5lbs - 235/45 Falken FK510
  • MY04 STi BBS, 17x7.5 +53, ~16lbs - 235/45 General Altimax Arctic


  • MY08 specB - bumper, fenders, headlights, brackets & support (painted June ‘21)
  • Madrig extended scoop - blue carbon fiber
  • JDM facelift side view mirrors
  • JDM front grille
  • JDM wagon rain visors 
  • JDM wagon taillights
  • JDM front and rear spats
  • Diode Dynamics SS3 LED fog kit - sport white
  • Thule roof rack & fairing
  • 30% tint - rear 5 windows
  • Primitive Racing 1/8" skid plate
  • RallyArmor black/grey mudflaps
  • 3mm spacer in rear
  • Muteki SR35 black lugs
  • STi valve stem caps
  • GTspec plate frame
  • JDM engine PS cover
  • Torque Solutions rad mounts - blk
  • SPT battery tie down
  • SPT oil fill cap
  • Prodrive coolant cap stickers
  • Fumoto oil change valve


  • EDM center console conversion 
  • MY10 WRX driver's seat
  • JDM double din w/ Boss BV755B H/U
  • JDM dual zone climate control
  • BtSsm data logger - cubby display
  • Prosport oil pressure gauge - cubby display
  • CoverCraft dash cover - navy blue, velour
  • STi steering wheel
  • Redline leather shift and e-brake boots
  • JDM alcantara center console lid
  • COBB shift knob, white/red
  • OEM specB carpet mats - blue trim
  • OEM all-weather floor & hatch mats
  • WRX aluminum pedals
  • Prosport aluminum dead pedal
  • IAG driver's floor mat hook
  • Windshield mounted GoPro
  • Kilmat sound deadening - doors and cargo

Maintenance & Repairs:

-Pass front wheel bearing @ 112k miles -PCV assembly @ 115k miles -Valve cover/spark plug gaskets @ 118k miles -NGK Iridium OEM plugs @ 118k miles -Pass front axle & both axle seals @ 125k miles -Ball joints and LCA bushings @ 139k miles -Brake fluid flush @ 139k miles -New-used OEM TMIC @ 140k miles -Serviced OCVs @ 144k miles -LF, LR & RR wheel bearings @ 144k miles -Oil cooler gasket @ 148k miles -Airbag dealership recall @ 155k miles -Denso front & Bosch rear - O2 sensors @ 156k miles -Power steering pump O-ring @ 156k miles -Centric premium rotors & StopTech pads, rear @ 160k miles -Depot OEM headlights @ 164k miles -Wilwood front calipers @ 165k miles -Centric premium rotors & Hawk HP+ pads, front @ 165k miles -Repaint front bumper @ 168k miles -OEM reman front DS axle & OEM axle seal @ 172k miles -specB aluminum front LCAs, new OEM bushings @ 172k miles -NGK Iridium OEM plugs @ 176k -Compression test TPG Tuning, 150psi/cylinder @ 176k -Boost/vacuum leak test TPG Tuning @ 176k -Replaced OEM TB coupler with COBB TB coupler -Replaced OEM starter with reman Denso @ 186k -Profs repair SPT muffler extensions & DEI coated @ 187k -Pass front wheel bearing NAPA @ 189k -Pass front axle seal @ 189k -New rear brake lines, Subaru recall @ 191k -OEM TGV intake manifold gaskets @ 191k -New rebuilt VF40 w/ billet wheel, xsboostturbochargers @ 191k -OEM turbo inlet tube @ 191k



2014 ISM Subaru Forester FB25 Premium w/ All Weather pkg

I know it’s out of place, but I wanted to document the work I’ve done to my current daily driver 2014 Forester.

6/20 with 138k miles 

6/21 with 150k miles

6/22 with 164k miles

6/23 with 178k miles



  • ‘15 STi rear sway bar
  • Kartboy solid rear endlinks
  • LegacyGT front brakes - Centric calipers, rotors and stoptech pads
  • Duralast rear calipers, rotors and Brembo pads
  • Grimmspeed MCB
  • Perrin steering lockdown


  • ‘18 WRX limited leather seats f&r
  • ‘15 STi steering wheel
  • Ebay rear tailgate spoiler
  • Luxeon LED fog lamps
  • Phillips LED - reverse, parking, signal, puddle, and interior dome lights
  • Rokblokz mud guards - black/black
  • OEM mud guards
  • Weathertech mats - front, rear and cargo
  • Soltech rear window shades
  • OEM roof crossbars
  • Kilmat sound deadening - rear cargo & bench


  • Rota Titan, 17x9 +42 (~18lbs), flat black, custom center caps - 245/50/17 Kenda kr400 UHP A/S
  • MY17 STi OEM, 18x8.5 +55 (~24lbs), gunmetal, 15mm spacer - 235/55/18 Nexen Winterguard Sport2


  • Timing cover reseal @ 138k
  • PCV replaced @ 142k
  • CVT flush and fill @ 164k
  • Rear wheel bearings @ 168k

Future Plans:

  • KYB struts and Mann Engineering lowering springs






**Parted out and scrapped**

2008 Diamond Grey Metallic LegacyGT specB

(1/420 made in North America)

3/19 - 162k miles

3/20 - 175k miles

Engine & Exhaust:

-COBB APv2, CryoTune E-tune, 93oct

-JmP custom billet VF40

-CNT catted downpipe - DEI wrapped and coated

-K&N drop-in filter


-OEM clutch @ 160k miles


-Tein street basic coilovers

-JDM 19mm rear sway bar

-Kartboy solid endlinks, f&r

-Rear sway stout mounts


-Soon to be Wilwood front brake kit from wagon

-Grimmspeed master cylinder brace

Wheels & Tires:

-STi BBS with General Altimax Arctic

-2008 specB with MPSS


-JDM grille

-RA mud guards


-OEM all weather mats, f&r and trunk

-Parrot BT

-BtSsm data log











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Pic drop!


Haven't been able to upload pics to vBGarage for awhile, so these are over the years. The specB has been a DD grinder since I got it and I don't have many pics of it yet, plus it's still a work in progress.







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Planning a number of things for both cars here this spring.



-F&R Brembo calipers, new centric rotors and stoptech pads

-FA 500 coilovers

-Hoping to find a STi steering rack for cheap

-Also hoping to find a good heated +10 WRX/STi front driver's seat, mines wrecked

-TGV gaskets and fix leaky breather hose



Mostly maintenance and replacing old with newer. Have newer coil packs, new injectors, new ground wires, etc.. Like to go to the junkyard and get a new door or two, also a wingless trunk.


Will be moving my Wilwood calipers over to my specB with the Brembo setup going on the wagon. Looking forward to having both brake setups done, such a great upgrade even though I'm aware the LGT setup is pretty solid with some basic upgrades. Love my brakes with extra bite.

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I'm real close to buying an engine hoist to pull the motor on my wagon. There's so many things I should clean up on it, OE parts with 191k miles that should be updated, and I feel like having the motor out would make them all sooo much easier. Plus I just got my garage space back recently..


Oil pan leaking, valve covers leak, injectors and coilpacks are OE, TGV gaskets and old hoses to be replaced, 2nd timing belt has 90k miles, seals to replace, motor mounts are OE, clutch/TOB have 110k miles. Probably more I'm not thinking about.


Or do I just ride it out till the motor goes, keep updating and adding oil as necessary, save for a motor. I like to be proactive and I feel like my motor is healthy even with 191k miles.. Any opinions?

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

Yessir, but it's not the update I was hoping for when I created this thread unfortunately. My specB burnt an exhaust valve on the driver's side head a month ago. Pulled the motor out today in fact, which I was super stoked I did myself.


The specB is being sold on Saturday to another forum member actually. Lots of the parts will live on in a really really nice LGT wagon. So that's awesome. The motor/turbo I took out, I'm keeping to fix up and eventually use in my wagon.


I also found a silver 2014 Forester on FB for a good deal little over two weeks ago, and needed a work mule quickly. Grabbed it, and already got an STi rear sway bar mounted up, mud guards, Mann Engineering lowering springs sitting in a box in my foyer, and some fog lights. Then summer/winter wheel setups once I catch my breath.

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It was on a Cobb map for a little while, but the last maybe 5k miles were Cryotune. Misfire on cylinder 4 came out of nowhere and slowly got worse. TPG and I couldn't find anything wrong, misfire just wouldn't go away.


I'm not trying to second guess myself or anyone else, just something I have to deal with now. Nice thing is I'm not losing much of my investment and I took a motor out of a car yesterday, which I'm not sure I ever saw myself doing. The experience is a win for me.

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You're not kidding. It wasn't that bad taking my time and being well prepared/read.


Biggest stumble was not putting in enough grunt separating the trans, but once I got a seam started it was out in 20 min.

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:) FJUAN and I pulled the touqe converter with the motor. But yeah the worst part is that first seperation. We forgot to take the dog bone off and probably some other step.


Happy that all I needed to do was replace the output seal and stuff it back together when I finished the motor. Just dont wait 2 years before getting it back together. Increased struggle not being fresh on my mind what and how it was pulled apart.


Best part is this forum and the vacation pics!

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  • 10 months later...

Couple recent pics of my wagon, big updates include:

08 front bumper, fenders, headlights, etc with JDM grille - scheduled for paint in May

F&R Brembo conversion with STi ebrake

FA coilovers in the rear, but still koni/iON front (can't break the GD front strut bolts)

Madrig blue carbon fiber hood scoop

2010 wrx driver seat

Cobb adjustable shifter and knob

Redline shift and ebrake boots

Kilmat sound deadening in 4 doors and trunk




Also, introducing my 2014 Forester that replaced my specB...


I've had it about 8-9 months and so far:

2015 STi steering wheel

2015 STi rear sway bar

Rota Titan 17x9 +42 (Subaru overlays) with 245/50 Kenda tires

OEM mud guards

OEM crossbars

Luxeon hid fog lights

eBay hatch spoiler

Weathertech mats, f&r and cargo

Soltect sun shades, all rear windows


All new KYB struts and Mann Engineering lowering springs in boxes, but unsure if I want to upgrade to Bilstein struts, or coilovers instead.






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  • 1 month later...

Little clip my cuzzin threw together for me, helping him out with a video project the other day. And also some updated pics with my new front end.



Think it's safe to say my love for the car has been renewed :)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Another little update to the wagon.


Purchased a JDM double din and dual zone climate control setup. Found a decent head unit locally at AutoZone. Not very fancy, but fit great, not super expensive and has most current features - multiple accessory inputs, SD card readers, BT, etc..


Also, found out that Diode Dynamic's SS3 LED fog light kit will fit with my new bumper. So I ordered a yellow SAE/DOT sport kit. Will need to do a little wire cutting, but should install very easily and look amazing. I have Diode Dynamic's LED fogs on my Forester and absolutely love them. Pics to come.


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