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High Mileage Legacy's

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2016 Premium.

Bought new, December 30, 2015.

Nice! And I thought I drove a lot, my daily commute is about 50 miles each way. I did save some miles while my Legacy sat at the dealer for 2 months waiting on a new head unit over the summer. Gave me a chance to have a nice extended test drive in a brand new Ascent for a couple thousand miles.

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I bought my 15' New in March of 15' and Currently have 129k.. Just changed my Coolant last week. Changed my Plugs at 120k clean as could be.. Had a New Tranny Installed at 94k due to the Recall and Passenger side Rear Wheel Bearing around 50k. Other than that its been a solid car ni complaints..69bb94af920b2e37e8bc666d6e47369f.jpg


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Why is this in the 6th gen forum?


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Shooter, actually I don't mind it being here ... the post in question is about a legacy ... and I like reading about any Subaru that has got a few miles up ... but there does seem to be a kind of double standard involved ;) ... I have previously posted a couple of things that I thought could have been of interest to the forum, even if the vehicles mentioned were not specifically 6th Gen Leggies ... and both my posts were shunted into the abyss of the other respective generation forums. Hopefully with this latest post it means that the "forum management" is becoming less grumpy :lol:

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