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Humble Rumble's 2012 Legacy 3.6R Build Thread

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Figured it's long past time that I start one of these. Not really settled on how I want to format this, so this thread, much like my car, will continue to change and evolve as time goes on. Pictures, part numbers, and links will be added as I go.



2012 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Base Model

Ice Silver Metallic

Mileage: 135,xxx

Best 1/4 Mile: 2022 - [have not run 1/4 in 2022 yet]

2018 - 15.362 @ 93.63 mph

Power Output: 2022 - 251whp, 261wtq via Mustang Dyno (est 337hp/341tq crank) [stock Headers/Stock Intake]

2018 - 228.49 whp via DynoJet (est 286 crank hp)





























-XRT EZ36 Engine & 5EAT Transmission Tune [link]

-Inferno Fabrication High-Flow Catted Headers (IFH-SSEL-360H6)

--Canammex "Thunderbolt 6000" High-Flow Catalytic Converters (#435250)

-Nameless Performance 5" Muffler Axleback [buy link]

-Kakimoto Intake Chamber for EZ36 (BIC336)

-AEM DryFlow Air Filter (28-20304) [buy link]

-AEM 340lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump

-HKS Intake Funnel (70999-AF001) *discontinued*

-Golpher 40mm Dual Core H6 Aluminum Radiator (GP131780) [buy link]

-Mishimoto Aluminum Fan Shroud (MMFS-STI-08P) [buy link]

-2x SPAL Medium Profile 12" Curved Blade Puller Fan 1226 CFM (30101522) [buy link]

-Mishimoto Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank (MMRT-STI-08) [buy link]

-Setrab ProLine COM 12-row 2-pass U-Flow Trans Cooler (52-13141-01)

--Aeroquip 3/8" Textile Reinforced High-Temp Hose (3491-06)

--Setrab ProLine 90º Push Lock Hose Ends M22 (22-M22PL06-90) x2

--Setrab ProLine 00º Push Lock Hose Ends -06AN (22-AN06PL06-00) x2

--Setrab -06AN Male to -06AN Male Union (22-AN06MAN06M-00)

--Setrab -06AN Hose Separator (22-HS06-SI) x2

--Oetiker 3/8" Hose Clamp Rings (3295-06) x6

-Kein Hardened Engine Mounts (KSUB015) [buy link]

-Rallitek 5EAT Transmission Mount Bushing (RTEK-112799) [buy link][review]

-Prothane Rear Diff Inserts (161610) [buy link][review]

-Laile/Beatrush Alternator Cover (S146020PCA)

-SARD Radiator Cap (61005)

--Wangan SPL Voltage Stabilizer V2*removed*



-Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers, Swift Spring upgrade, 10k/9k springrates, 2k over-valved "Dewey-valved" (FA500-BM)

--180mm Rear Threaded Bodies w/ 90mm stroke (default is 200mm w/ 90mm stroke)

-JDM Legacy tS Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms (ST20202EZ000 & ST20202EZ010 )

-SuperPro Front LCA Standard Alignment Bushings (SPF4863K) [buy link]

-Super Pro Front LCA Front Inner Bushings (SPF3091K) [buy link]

-Super Pro Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit (TRC0002) [buy link]

-SPL Parts Rear Lower Camber Arm (SPL RLL FRS) [buy link]

-SPC Performance Adjustable Rear Toe Arm (67655) [buy link]

-2013 Legacy 3.6R 26mm Front Sway Bar (20401AJ08A) [buy link]

-CKE SSP 26mm 75D Deep Purple FSB Bushings [buy link]

-Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar (BSR49XZ) [buy link]

-Whiteline Sway Bar Lateral Locks (KLL116)

-Kartboy Front Endlinks (KB-017-08COMBO) [buy link]

--Kartboy 1/2" Front Endlink Spacers (KB-017WLS)

--M10x1.5 80mm Bolts

-Kartboy Rear Endlinks (KB-017-08COMBO) [buy link]

-Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar (687 540 A) [buy link]

-Cusco Power Brace Front Member (687 492 FM) [buy link]

-Cusco Power Brace Rear Member (687 492 RM) [buy link]

-Cusco Power Brace Rear Side Member (687 492 RS) [buy link]

-Cusco Rear Sway Bar Braces for VA STI (6A1 492 RL) [buy link]

--Koni Sport Yellow Front Struts (8610-1453S) [buy link]*removed*

--Koni Sport Yellow Rear Struts (8010-1055) [buy link]*removed*

--H&R Lowering Coil Springs for 3.6R (54427-2) [buy link]*removed*

--Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (7722.140)*removed*

--KYB Front Strut Housings (339222 & 339223) [buy link 1][buy link 2]*removed*

--STI Group N Front Strut Mounts (B0310FE000) [buy link]*removed*

--SG Forester Reinforced Rear Strut Mounts (20370SG000) [buy link]*removed*

--KYB Front Strut Mounts (SM5764) [buy link]*removed*

--KYB Rear Strut Mounts (SM5361) [buy link]*removed*

-Whiteline Adjustable Rear LCAs (KTA216A) [buy link] *removed*

--2015 VA STI 20mm Rear Swar Bar (20451VA000)*removed*

--CKE SSP 20mm 75D Deep Purple RSB Bushings [buy link]*removed*




-2018 STI Type RA #262 6pot/2pot Brembos

-2018 STI Type RA #262 OEM Drilled Rotors

-2018 STI Type RA #262 OEM Brake Pads

-Goodridge G-STOP SS Brake Lines (24220)

-RBF600 DOT 4 Fluid

-Cusco LHD Brake Master Cylinder Brace (S687-561-B)


-Carbotech XP10 Track Pads Front (CT1365-XP10)

-Carbotech XP10 Track Pads Rear (CT18STIR-XP10)

--Raybestos Reman/Coated Front/Rear Calipers *removed*

--Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Front (ACT1078) *removed*

--Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Rear (ACT1124) *removed*

--DBA T2 Slotted Front Rotors (DBA2650S-10) [buy link] *removed*

--DBA T2 Slotted Rear Rotors (DBA2663S-10) [buy link] *removed*

--KNS 4K Rotors*removed*


--Carbotech AX6 Brake Pads (Front) [review] *retired*

--Hawk HPS 5.0 Brake Pads (Rear) *retired*


--Carbotech XP10 Track Pads Front (CT1078-XP10) *retired*

--Carbotech XP8 Track Pads Rear (CT1124-XP8) *retired*


Wheels & Tires


-Porsche 970 Panamera OEM Wheels 19x10 +61 (4x Rears)

-Venum Wheels 5x100->5x130 25mm Adapters 56.1 ID 71.5 OD

-Bridgestone RE980AS 285/30/R19


-Enkei RS05RR 18x9.5 +43

-Falken Azenis RT615K+ 265/35/R18

-Konig Rennform 18x9 +38

-Falken Azenis RT615K+ 245/40/18ZR (track/autox)

-McGard Black SplineDrive Lug Nuts M12 x 1.25 (65554BK)

-Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour

-Mach V 10mm Spacer Kit With H&R Wheel Studs (front only)


-OEM Tribeca 7-Spoke 18" Wheels - 18x8 +55, w/25mm 5x114.3->5x100 adapters

-General Altimax Arctic 12 - 225/45/18

--Five:AD S7F - 19x8.5 +45 *discontinued**removed*

--Michelin PilotSport AS3+ - 245/40/19ZR *removed*

--Muteki 41885B Black Lugnuts *removed*

--Stock Premium 17" Wheels - 17x7.5 +48 (winter)

--General Altimax Arctic 12 - 215/55/17 (winter)


Cosmetic - Exterior

-Bayson R V-Limited Front Lip (color-matched)

-Bayson R Bumper Lip Protector

-Gialla Sportivo Rear Bumper Half Spoiler

-Wangan SPL Legacy BE5 Trunk Spoiler

-SYMS Carbon Trunk Lip Spoiler (Y3000BM105)

-Ganador Carbon LED Super Mirrors, color matched G1U Ice Silver Metallic (LM-61FCL)

-Prova Convex Blue Glass for Ganador Mirrors

-Prova BM Legacy Rain Guards 

-DAMD Side Skirt Extensions

-Shadow Speed HRW Type Roof Spoiler [buy link]

-2013/14 Legacy Headlight Swap w/Lamin-X Yellow Vinyl

-Klearz USA Clear Sidemarkers for 10-14 Legacy

-2015-17 Ford Mustang LED Foglights w/ Lamin-X Yellow Vinyl

-Color-Matched Mesh Grille with STI-Style Pinstripe (removed for winter)

-Wangan SPL Script Metal Grille Emblem 

-STI Pinstripe for Legacy B4/Touring Wagon (Dark Grey) (ST91042EZ010)

-Carpenter LTD ZERO03 Lower Grille Garnish Applique

-TommyKaira "RR" Emblem, re-badged as "3.6RR"

-"L7" Emblem Overlays from Prostickers [buy link]

-Grimmspeed Plate Relocator

-Premium Auto Styling Rear Turn Signal Tint [buy link]

--Carbon Fiber EZ Lip *removed*

--OEM Trunk Lip Spoiler *removed*

--Avery Dennison Gloss Black Roof Wrap*removed*

--"B4" trunk badge from 2015 JDM Legacy*removed*

--Chrome Trim Window Visors *removed*

--RokBlokz Shortie Mudflaps (winter) [buy link]*removed*



Cosmetic - Interior

-Wangan SPL Wangan Script Stitched Levorg VM Steering Wheel

-JDM Flip-Tab Rearview Mirror

-PROVA Blue Wide Room Mirror Glass [info][buy link]

-JDM OEM Legacy tS Black Flip Cover Center Console

-Liberal Color Carbon Gauge Overlays (Turbo/tS combo for USDM accuracy)*discontinued*

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Interior Grab Bars

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Overhead Map Light Console

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Overhead Room Light

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Dashboard Air Vents

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Windshield Defroster Vents

-SideWay Carbon Hydro Dip Door Mirror Trim Ring

-No Brand Red "LEGACY" AT Pedal Set *discontinued*

-Metallic Red Pinstriping & Dash Tubing

-Metallic Red Mirror Adjustment Knob Cover

-Metllaic Red Luminous Ignition Key Ring Switch Cover

-Wangan SPL Pocket Rubber Mats

-LED "SUBARU" Emblem Puddle Lights

-Black/Silver Checkerboard floormats

-WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats (winter)

-Beck Arnley Cabin Air Filter (042-2189)

-SubiSpeed Red Metallic Paddle Extensions *removed*

-DAMD Red Formula Steering Wheel *removed*


Exterior Lighting

-Low Beam: VLEDs Micro LED H7 6000K White

-Hi Beam: VLEDs Micro Limited LED 9005 HB3 3000K Ion Yellow

-Front Turn Signal: VLEDs High Visibility Amber 21 LED 7443 7440

-City Light: VLEDs Long Life 360° 14 LED 194 6000K White

-Side Marker: High-Vis Amber 14 LED 194

-Brake Light: VLEDs Triton V6 Red [buy link]

--Resistors: VLEDs VLR6 Pro Resistors + T Coupler [buy link]

-Trunk Taillight: Alla Lighting 39 SMD 7443 7440

-Rear Turn Signal: VLEDs Red 21 LED 7443 7440

-Reverse Light: Bulbeats 1000 lumens 921 LED 6000k

-License Plate: Diode Dynamics SMD2 194 6000k

--Hi Beam: Coofix 9005 HB3 3000K Yellow 8000LM CREE LED *removed*


Interior Lighting

-Map Light: LUSTER Raster Viz SMD16 White 52Flux (LEHDRL-F001)

-Dome Light: LUSTER Raster Viz SMD20 White 52Flux (LEHDRL-F001)

-Visor Light: Stock

-Trunk Light: Diode Dynamics SMD2 194 6000k


Not Yet Installed

-Pleasure Racing Service EZ36 LWCP (S138)

-Processed Full LED Tail Lights

Edited by Humble Rumble
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Shadow Speed HRW Type Rear Window Spoiler came in today! Very impressed with this piece. Nice and sturdy while still completely flexible (weighs about 3 lbs!). Great color and clear, and pretty darn close match to my existing paint. The fit looks excellent too. I dig the notch in the middle too, makes it stand out more from other more standard style roof spoilers. Should also compliment the shape of the Blitzen spoiler if I ever end up getting that on the car. Now I just need a day warm enough to install it (literally double the temp it is now :lol:).







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Installed VLEDs VLR-6 resistors in my brake lights. Been chasing some dash warning light gremlins ever since installing my LED brake light bulbs, and I believe these finally solved my issue. I'm a complete wiring novice, so I'm always looking for plug and play solutions. I started with the Alla Lighting bulbs in my brake lights, and they functioned perfectly and performed spectacularly as far as color and output, but I started to get dash warning lights coming on randomly during driving (specifically flashing BRAKE light and solid TCS light). Nothing changed with drivability, no limp mode or anything, and the warning lights would go away as soon as I turned the car off and on again, but I wanted to solve them.


Picked up the Triton V6s bulbs, moved the Alla lights into the rear turn signals and the turn signal VLEDs into the trunk, and still got the dash warnings, and even sooner into my drives (about 5 -10 minutes). But the VLR-6's with VLEDs T-Coupler made the installation an absolute snap, literally plug and play, and the resistors are actually super tiny! I was expecting them way bigger. Mounted them on the metal side of the body just forward from the taillights. Pleased to have that solved. :) Recommend these to anyone wanting LED brakelights, the installation takes minutes, is 100% plug and play, and you get what you pay for with VLEDs: excellent build quality and performance.


Edited by Humble Rumble
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I'll snap a picture of how I have it setup. The Tritons are pricey, no doubt, but the setup is clean, the wiring is quality, and I can't stress how easy the install was. Only thing is I haven't taken a longer drive yet to see if the warning lights come back after a while, so jury is still out on that, but so far so good.
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Any link for those Triton V6 bulbs for us ?



Audi love for life


Check the build list at the top. I'm working on putting buy links for every item that I reasonably can, just added links for both those and the resistors this morning. :) There's also an always active coupon code for VLEDs that's "SUBARU10" for 10% off. Sometimes they have sales with higher discounts too.

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just curious as to why you went with the vled ones?... I run these, I had the same problem as you.




in principle they are the same as the vled ones just less expensive and maybe a couple minutes extra to hook up.

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just curious as to why you went with the vled ones?... I run these, I had the same problem as you.




in principle they are the same as the vled ones just less expensive and maybe a couple minutes extra to hook up.


Long story short: wiring. I don't trust myself with wiring anything, like at all. I'm literally infant level at electrical knowledge or wiring understanding. Knowing my luck, I'll damage or mess something up irreversibly, and that's the last thing I want.


The VLEDs are connected purely with plugs, so it made installing everything super super easy, and all the stock wiring is intact in its original form still. The T-adaptor paired with their proprietary screw-in connectors are what made everything so easy.



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I wonder if the quality of bulbs has an effect... Some decent (not vled) bulbs might be low enough resistance to trigger the lights, but super cheap ones might have enough resistance not to?


I got the cheapest amazon dual-brightness led bulbs a few months ago, and have yet to have any dash lights without any kind of resistor

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I wonder if the quality of bulbs has an effect... Some decent (not vled) bulbs might be low enough resistance to trigger the lights, but super cheap ones might have enough resistance not to?


I got the cheapest amazon dual-brightness led bulbs a few months ago, and have yet to have any dash lights without any kind of resistor



it's hit or miss, i've used cheap ones that haven't triggered the x-mas tree, and i've used better quality (phillips) and they have triggered the alarm. It's really a crap shoot.

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Suspension installation was completed today! In one word: *WOW*. I've put about 50 miles on since getting the car back. The car feels **INCREDIBLE**. It's like a completely different car. Finally feels and handles like a proper sports sedan, and looks more aggressive too, with a subtle, functional, yet noticeable drop. Flat cornering, better squat on launch, less dive under braking. The handling is incredible and the ride is like driving a soft yet firm cloud that's giving you a re-assuring hug while also giving you a handshake and squeezing *just a bit* too hard on your hand. There is no other words for the ride quality than sublime perfection. I LOVE this setup, and I love this car all over again.


Story time: Got the car back this afternoon, and obviously the handling was a HUGE improvement instantly. However, the ride was bumpier than expected, like drastically so. I chalked it up to new springs settling and the Konis stretching their legs. Well, 40 miles later, the bumpiness was getting out of hand, and honestly starting to give me a headache. Things were rattling, even <10 mph rolling was uncomfortable, and by the time I got home home, I was honestly starting to get a bit disheartened. I was starting to fear I had made a huge mistake and the ride would be totally unlivable, and the GF would hate it, and every commute would give me a headache. And just before going inside, I decided to check the adjustment on the rears: BOOM. FULL HARD. BOTH REARS WERE ADJUSTED TO THEIR MAXIMUM STIFFNESS (fronts were full soft the whole time). I backed both of the rears off probably at least 4 or 5 full turns to full soft, went back out again, and instantly: experienced perfection. Smooth, supple, sublime ride quality was at my booty tips. Complete night and day difference. NEVER go full hard on your Konis unless at a track day lmao. Unbelievably relieved that it was something as simple as that, and the ride is no less that absolute perfection now. Could not be happier.


Can anyone also tell me how the alignment specs are looking or point out anything that looks off? Alignment numbers are like Greek to me.











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Looking proper my man!!

GTEASER's 2012 Legacy GT - Sold

GTEASER's 2009 XTeaser - Sold

GTEASER's 1992 Legacy SS - Sold


Stapp's Law: “The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.”


"Simple incompetence is a far more sinister force in the world than evil intent."

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Rear camber looks great. Front camber is good according to subaru, but it might be a little more positive than what you'd want if you want optimal handling (it'll save some tire wear how it is currently). Left caster is still factory, right is lower (Mine is too, it seems to be a trend for these cars. No idea why). Toe is good too. I'm jealous!
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My understanding of the caster difference is the manufacturer is compensating for the slight angle of the roads. So some cross caster is built into the car to try and negate this.


Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk

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I'm interested your thoughts when you get the sway bar bushings installed. Car looks great. I really like those wheels on that color.


Thank you! :) Will definitely report back. Planning on trying to tackle those along with the Cusco braces and Prothane diff inserts sometime in April. And if I can scrounge the money, I want to do all endlinks as well.

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