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DOHCEJ22E1's Legacy LSi.

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Hello, all! It's been a long time since I've posted a car on a forum. Many of you may remember me as DOHCEJ22E1 or EJ22D from other forums in the past from either the legacygt.com forum or other places, like rs25.com. That being said, it's good to be back here. First, let's do a short history review.


1. '97 Legacy (4eat), owned 2008-2010.



2. '98 Legacy Outback (4eat/no pic).


3. '98 Legacy L (5mt/no pic/first EJ22D).


4. '98 Legacy GT Limited (4eat/2nd EJ22D before going on to build a rash of them).



5. '98 Legacy GT (4eat).



6. '97 Legacy Outback Safari. (4eat).



7. '96 Legacy LSi (4eat/current Legacy).


I picked up the LSi on Spetember 11th, and it has issues, but nothing I haven't handled or dealt with before. It rides smoothly and the 4eat shifts equally as smooth once the transmission is warmed up and past 1st gear. I have only driven it something like 500mi before having to putting it to rest again. It's got head gasket issues, even being a reman, so I am saving up for an immediate EJ25D fusion build ('98 heads/'96 block for instant 11:1 compression ratio), which will hold me over until I build a 22D of some kind for it.

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When it was first purchased back in September:





Head gasket issues (evidence is, well, evident) and 420A coil shot.



Shots before being parked and taken off the road:















Since 2G's are getting scarce quickly around these parts, I jumped at the chance to have this, and bought it so I can restore and mod it.

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Loyale Design grille on car (hood is a little banged up, but the car is a work in progress). The reason for the grille comes from the fact that I dislike nearly every single grille (OEM or aftermarket) for the 2nd Gen Legacy. I feel like the 2nd Gen Legacy is TOO Euro designed for lazy or poorly designed grilles.



Pic 2.



Pic 3 (rear).



Pic 4 (artsy).


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love the grill, i may have to try that on one of mine


I took it upon myself to try and get the chrome off instead of sanding it, and painting it. Never again. Didn't realize the L/LS/LSi grilles were actually chrome plated. My fingertips are still healing up. Next one will be sanded down and painted.

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If this is who I think it is glad to see you back here and thanks again for being so forthcoming with your hybrid info in the FB groups!


It is me. :D Though I haven't done any build work in a while, I'm going to dust myself off with this next fusion of top and bottom end. I've decided to keep myself limited to the forums with the info so it doesn't fade into obscurity like what happens on the FB groups.

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Update: Started it up around 5pm yesterday evening after allowing it to sit for a month. It fired up right away, but the battery no longer holds a charge, even with the distilled water electrolyte replacement. It'll have to get another one. Checked lights, climate control, etc while the car was still running. All are still in fresh, working condition. I can't wait to really get started on this thing for real.
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My garage is not heated and warmer weather will have to show it's face before I do much other than maintenance.




I know what you mean. This cold weather just came out of nowhere. Just doing maintenance is going to be a chore. Speaking of which, on my way to buy a new battery and some fluids. Noticed the coolant a bit low in the radiator. It's good that I'm doing this, because the snow is coming, and I need this car ready for it.

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Some maintenance done (battery replacement and fluid checks, ended up topping off coolant) during the snowy cold. Next will be securing a tie-down of some kind, new negative terminal, then a full winter prep (tires, diff fluids, etc).


Pics of today.







New battery to replace the crappy green top that was in there.



More pics.







It's a gradual process, but as I really like Project Hope, I will continue until it comes out right.

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Pics from last week. Grainy, but whatever. The 25D is a trooper, I'll give it that, but to extend it's lifespan a bit more, I have had to remove the thermostat. I'll probably be like that until I drop in the 2.2L. Until that time, a portable car heater will have to suffice. I would have waited longer, but I can't keep stressing being brought to work, especially if it's hard on someone else. So, she's back on the road. Whoever rated these engines at 155bhp needs to be rechecked, because this thing is SLOW. The peak torque at 2800rpm is nice, though. Barely needs to be at 1800rpm to keep up in traffic. Highway...that's another story. Still, I'm happy to drive her again, even when she needs a fair bit of work.









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HP numbers mean nothing. It's all about your TQ curve. I love the EJ25D low torque curve. It makes it a punchy accelerating engine. No speed demon or record breaking engines, but still better than the lethargic 2.2
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HP numbers mean nothing. It's all about your TQ curve. I love the EJ25D low torque curve. It makes it a punchy accelerating engine. No speed demon or record breaking engines, but still better than the lethargic 2.2


This only applies to the 1996 25D. The 97-99 25D is pretty lazy for a 2.5L, especially since peak torque comes on around 4400rpm. If the 97-99 25D heads were put on a 96 25D bottom end, or 96 25D pistons were used in a 251 bottom end, peak would come on early and power would be pretty decent. 11:1 compression ratio, so it'd be a nice touring engine.


I agree about the 2.2L being lethargic. Next time I rebuild a 2.2, it'll be boosted and DOHC'd. The 22D in my white GT Limited didn't have the torque this 25D has, but it definitely had more highway pull, and was a lot more economical. I am going to clock in the mpg in the LSi and record it after I reconfigure the ground wiring. Last time, it was 29mpg highway.

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Walmart battery FTW! I have two of them going strong. Can't beat the price of $49.88 after core.


Hell yeah! When I saw the price, I couldn't believe it. Truth be told, this one is going plenty strong. Still starts up like new. Now, I just need to secure a tiedown.

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Taken tonight. The silver is easy to get used to. Dare I even say it looks better than the silver on my old GT wagon. After driving this car pretty hard tonight, I have learned the difference between it and the GT's. With the GT's, you can get the tail out, even if it requires a bit of work. With the LSi's, unless you're trying harder, you will NEVER get the tail out. The softness of the suspension prevents wilderness heavily in the rear end.







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So, to continue on from the ECU post, the 9P is absolutely terrible compared to the 85. They're not even in the same league, with the 85 adapting to the engine within moments while the 9P does it in a few days, as it is programmed to run only on 91-93 octane, and will accept no lower. WOT on the road 3x is how you get them into their "proper" modes. The 2N doesn't compare to the 85, either, but it is better at adapting than the 9P, as it isn't locked to just high octane usage.


HOWEVER, I have discovered these anomalies:


The 85 will throw these codes constantly when installed in a Legacy older than 98



And the 2N is currently throwing this code, which I think is odd considering the ECU comes from a car made in the same year as the LSi ('96)



Also interesting to note is the airbag system in my LSi not being able to communicate with the 85 ECU. The red light comes on in the dash and it indicates that my airbag system was rendered inert.

In terms of redline limiters, the 9P and 85 both top out at 6500rpm while the 2N tops out at 6000rpm on the dot. I'll be sticking with the 2N, as it will allow me to use both 87 octane and keep my airbag system operational, but at some point, I will secure a '97 GT ECU and see how that plays out, as it will also allow me to use 87 octane as well, has a 6500rpm limit like the 9P and 85.

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