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2007 Legacy STI Wagon

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We at IYAMDMAN Research have been wanting a new 2007 Legacy STI for some time now. We just got tired of waiting, so we developed our own using several mods.




Introducing the latest and greatest 2005-6-7 Subaru Legacy mods – the IYAMDMAN Vipercut™ engine swap, Blowme™ aero kits, Trendyround™ bolt-on gas cap/door, Dubabubba™ wheels, Fucklin69™ tires and our world famous Sewerpipe™ exhaust systems.


IYAMDMAN - Vipercut™ engine swap.


The Vipercut™ engine swap is sure to make you the most talked about car on the block. First we rip out the current stuttering underpowered Subi motor, which leave plenty of room for a new motor.



Next, we buy a V10 Viper motor, and using advanced hand tool technology – we cut it in half, giving you one more cylinder then your old motor. Then we mount a Pratt&Whittney J-567 turbo from an F-16 jet engine, and there you have it – all the horsepower you could want from a really cut mill.


IYAMDMAN - Trendyround™ bolt-on gas cap/door.


Need to quickly feed your 5-MPG Vipercut™ engine? Now you can with our bolt-on gas cap. After you rip out the 1.5” stock gas filler tube, you then weld on a custom 4” gas filler tube and then bolt-on the Trendyround™ gas cap/door.



IYAMDMAN - Blowme™ aero kits.


Using the latest Biofiber® manufacturing technology, we have created the sexiest, most aerodynamic and lightest aerokits on the market.


Our revolutionary Stickytape’em™ aero kit adhesion technology, developed at great expense by the packaging industry – allows anyone to apply the IYAMDMAN Blowme™ aero kits to any car.


Blowme™ aero kits start off with the S’Cool Girl™ body skirts. The front, rear and side skirts leave at least 1/2” of ground clearance, but provide an aerodynamic coefficient less than that of a 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark III. Let’s see the rice rocket Toyota owners beat that shizzle!!!



Obviously, no Subi is now complete without a Pignose™ grill, so get up to date and fit in at your local Suzuki meet.


Next we add the Refrigerator Door™ rear wing. With this wing, you will never have to worry about rear aerodynamic lift or penis envy. Pull up next you your small dick rice rocket Honda drivers with the Refrigerator Door™ rear wing, and we all know who will get the girl on the cover of Compact Car Magazine!!



Need to feed that crazy mill of yours? Make sure the jet turbo is getting all the air it needs with the Gapping Maw™ air scoop. Have you ever worried that the shape of your hood causes the air at high speeds to miss your stock air scoop? Well, with the Gapping Maw™ air scoop you will not only catch all the air flow, but also any little pets and small children who happen to be in the air stream.



IYAMDMAN - Dubabubba™ wheels.


The perfect match for your Blowme™ aero kits, these lightweight wheels are better than Dubs – because they are 22.5” wheels. Just the thing to stuff in your wheel wells!! Why should some oversized SUV have bigger wheels than you? Now you can hit’em where it hurts – in the wallet!!!



IYAMDMAN - Fucklin69™ tires.


So what kind of tire fits those bad boy Dubabubba rims? Our new Fucklin 69® high performance rubbers. When designing a tire, we wanted NO sidewall flex, so we illuminated the sidewall. Hell, 35 series tires are for pussies – the Fucklin69™ are a 10 series tire. Just a 10mm thick layer of rubber!! No sidewalls, no flex, no air, no flats!!! Every set of Fucklin69® tires comes with a free kidney belt and jock strap.

IYAMDMAN - Sewerpipe™ exhaust systems.


Tired of your small 2” stock exhaust system leaving you feeling all small and clogged up? Thinking about a 3” system. Well, all the women we know like at least 6”, so that’s the spec we use for the Sewerpipe™ exhaust system.



Not only does our 6” system make the ladies happy, but any of those little children or small pets that happened to be processed by your Vipercut™ mill, will easily flow thought the Sewerpipe™ without any problems or nasty smelly clogging.


All the IYAMDMAN Blowme™ aerokits come in “White Trash Beige” or “Bling Bling Silver”.







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how hard was is to see around that hood scoop?:lol:

I want those rims!!

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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lol! that is awesome. if nothing else, it allows me to get some idea of what the new subaru nose MAY look like on the legacy. btw, nice debadging (lol) in the nose portion of the new grill. it would be hilarious if you drove around in that thing! i wonder if this has been posted on that ricer website .. forgot what it's called, but the one where people have insane homebrew kits on civics etc. hilarious. thanks for the laugh!
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<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

'16 Outback, '16 WRX, 7th Subaru Family

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i bet ur wagon feels violated in some way...u know it'll never treat u right after the event that is now referred to as the "sti wagon massacare". YOu know these wagon do talk to each other during the service appointments....dont you? Be careful when browsing the lot waiting for the oil change to get done on ur wagon.....i pity the foo who r@pes a subie


...nah that was friggin hilarious dood....very creative and the front grill was the best mod....i hope those designers at subaru are reading this and taking tips from you....u sir have a brilliant career in auto design waiting for you.

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