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Thomistopheles' 06 OBXT Limited - Baller Husky Hauler III

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Weathertech digital fit mats


Ortiz driver defrost vent pod

Prosport Evo boost gauge

Prosport Evo oil pressure

Prosport Evo wideband o2

OEM pet gate/cargo separator

Diode Dynamics interior LEDs



Rally Armor UR flaps

Grimmspeed plate relocation bracket

Tinted windows

Maxima D2S + Legacy hybrid projector retrofit with clear lens upgrade, tuned for a fat color band

Morimoto XB55 HID kit, ~5500k color temp

Yellow tinted fog lights

JDM Corazon grille

Aluminum non-turbo Legacy hood

BaysonR LGT front lip

EVO IX side skirt extensions



Cobb AP V2 - pro tune by Bruno at Topshelf

New case halves

Manley pistons

Eagle H beam rods + ARP bolts

King XPG bearings

11mm oil pump

Killer B oil pickup

Killer B baffle/windage tray

ARP CA625+ head studs

Supertech valves

GSC Beehive springs + Ti retainers

BC 272/272 cams

Blouch Dominator 1.5XTR turbo

Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors

Deatschwerks DW300C fuel pump

Radium fuel rails

Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Parallel fuel line setup

Grimmspeed EBCS

Perrin inlet

KStech CAI

FMS front mount intercooler

Go Fast Bits Respons bypass valve

Dual catch cans

Grimmspeed alternator cover

Grimmspeed radiator shroud

Mishimoto radiator + hoses

HKS equal length header

Grimmspeed EWG uppipe

Tial MVS wastegate

Invidia catless downpipe

AVO mid + Y pipe

HKS ES axle back




08 STI 6MT trans

R180 rear diff

Legacy 4EAT driveshaft

Driveshaft Shop Stage 5 rear axle + hub kit

ACT Xtreme Duty 6 puck clutch

ACT Streetlite flywheel

Group N mounts

Cobb Stage 1+ drivetrain (short throw)




18x8.75+20 XXR 527

225/40r18 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Whiteline front LCA inner bushings

Avo front sway bar bushings

Moog end links

Rear sway bar removed (DSS axles are too large)

ISC N1 coilovers 8/6k

Whiteline rear lateral arms

Megan rear upper camber arms

FHI 4 pot front calipers

Stoptech drilled rotors

Hawk HPS pads

Goodridge braided brake lines

Legacy ABS module (corrects speedometer)


Pile of parts waiting to be installed:



This is the third iteration of the baller husky hauler. First was a 97 outback, second was my black BD GT. All three have been tasked with hauling around Baron Woden von Huskybutt, first of his name, lord of the knuckle bones, duke of squeaky toys, earl of fluffington.


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Yeah, I can't wait to be able to post in the lowered outback thread.


My friend Ian did all my front end bushings at his shop last night, attacking the rear bushings and ISC N1 coilovers tomorrow. My black BD has tokico D spec struts, RCE black springs, other suspension mods... so going from that to the blown yacht suspension on the OBXT hasn't been pleasant :lol:






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Hopefully the covers will help a bit this winter, Wisconsin sure does love their salt, sand, and brine.


Coilovers and whiteline rear camber bushing thingies were installed today. Stock height vs now:




About a 3" drop. 225/55r17 tires on 17x8+35 wheels rubs pretty bad, going to have the fenders massaged to accommodate these and my summer wheels later this week.

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Rubbing outside? Front and rear? Even after "massaging" i had outside rubbing on 225/55/17s on stock wheels, especially in right handers. That was with a ton of negative camber too. Went to 225/40/18s, and no more rubbing but i think the tires are too thin. Speedo error is silly. There's a happy medium somewhere in between.


Need more camber?

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Yup, rubs all around on hard bumps but the right rear rubs if you even look at it wrong. I'll get it rolled and then it is going back for final alignment, only at -1 front and rear from last night's quick and dirty alignment. -2 front -1.5 might help a little. These coils can't really go much higher either since they're LGT fitment. I have them set full hard for now, to try and minimize rubbing.


These tires are trashed anyway from the old torn bushings and poor alignment, and I need winters... so after I get the fenders rolled I'm going to run 215/55r17 altimax arctics on these wheels. My summers are .5" wider, thinking 225/45r18 for those. Both will have a little bit of speedo inaccuracy but it's within the realm of what I'm OK with and I'll gain a bit of clearance.

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Went in to have an axle back rumble cannon made to go with the avo mid/Y pipe, wound up getting my fenders rolled at the same time. All good now, no rubbing with plenty of room for activities this summer. Going to dial the coils back to 16 clicks, the ride quality was great when I had them set half way (other than the rubbing)




Now with 100% more racekor rumbles. :wub:

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In car video from last night:



Correct, Avo mid is resonated. I originally planned on using the mufflers from the nameless axleback the seller included with the Avo midpipe too, but the bent side was beyond repair.


Another height comparison:




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The rubbing issue may only be helped with some generous neg camber. Your offset is low enough that there shouldn't be a problem with rear fenderwell clearance as well.


Love the color.

Yeah, more negative camber would have helped with the stock fenders. They're trimmed, rolled, and slightly pulled now though... so I have tons of room even with my wider summer setup.
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In car video from last night:



Correct, Avo mid is resonated. I originally planned on using the mufflers from the nameless axleback the seller included with the Avo midpipe too, but the bent side was beyond repair.



I can't believe how much of a difference that resonator makes! Mine drones horribly on the highway (most likely due to the "wagon effect"). I think come spring I'm going to get a legit resonator installed. :) You should go cruise through some parking garages in first gear, you'll feel like a little kid again.


Also, how do you like the coils for everyday use? I'm kind of shying away from them because cost/not wanting to be THAT low/ride harshness...

MTBwrench's Stage 3 5EAT #racewagon 266awhp/255awtq @17.5psi, Tuned By Graham of Boosted Performance


Everyone knows what I taste like.
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Set full stiff they are jarring and uncomfortable, but set around halfway like they are now it's comparable to the aftermarket strut and spring combo on my BD. (tokico D specs and RCE blacks) Height is separate from spring preload, so they still have normal travel and all. Plenty comfortable for me. Those exhaust vids were shot when I still had them full stiff to avoid rubbing, if they look harsh that's why.


GoPro mounted on sunroof?
Tripod in the back with a Canon 1DmkIV and 24-105 f/4 L IS. Two legs on the rear floor, third extended backwards for stability.


XXR 531s came today, but those wont be going on for a while so we will all have to use our imagination until spring.


Here's an updated family photo


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You lucked out my friend! Great price on a great OBXT!


Enjoy your many years left with your beautiful Husky. I had to lay my best buddy to rest not too long ago. An Alaskan Husky, with me all day every day for 16 years. :icon_cry:

Sorry to hear that man, losing a long term companion is never easy. 16 years is a pretty good run.







Installed some silly parts from Grimmspeed that don't really do anything in my engine bay. Ehhhh alright, the radiator shroud has a little tool tray. I guess it does something.

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Big update... comp stage 2 clutch with lightweight flywheel, FMS fmic kit, VF52 turbo, perrin inlet hose, GS EBCS, catless up pipe, invidia catless downpipe, GS turbo heatshield, all sorts of stuff. Did some logging, sending that off to Cryotune now to get the revision process going. I'm excited.




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Didn't need the clutch for the current stock fuel vf52 setup, but if I throw more fuel at it and go with e85 it will come in handy. These things are torque monsters on E.


Sounds deeper, a bit louder. Still on base map, so taking it easy and staying out of boost entirely til the tuner says to go harder on it

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Some new goodies are on the way. Ran into typical boost creep issues with the VF52, went ahead and ordered a 38mm Grimmspeed EWG setup. The muffler deletes will be coming off in favor of some HKS ES Premium mufflers.


Oh, we finally got some of that sky cocaine. It has been 50°F+ and raining all month here... ridiculous. Welcome to wisconsin where the weather is made up and the seasons don't matter.


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