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All Things Navigation *Map Updates Included*


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Hopefully this helps at least a few:




So after a lot of time and a fair amount of $ spent, this is my overview of what I have found looking for solutions to the crap nav that Subaru stuck us with. Some of us want the bells and whistles (myself included) that most base model cars are getting these days for creature comforts ie: Bluetooth for music and phones, DVD/CD inputs and such (or for some of you unlucky people just an AUX input). Here are all the solutions I have found:



My first choice was looking into the Tablet install. There’s all kinds of write ups on both LGT.com and other websites. Below are links to products to help with this process. The only thing that stopped me so far from completing this process is that my tablet is an android based (Galaxy Tab 3) and it will not turn on like the iPads when connected to power, so if it runs out completely of battery life it would be a pain to dig it out just to push the power button. There is talk of how to input code to make this happen, but that’s a bit above my head for the time being.





AV PANEL SET (In Dash kit for stock radio replacement)

SVXDC's Wiring Harness and goodies

Program Android Tablet to AUTO ON when charging **Again this is useful to Android tablet installs because unlike iDevices, they do not automatically turn on when connected to power, so if the battery dies than it can be a pain without a previously planned way to access the power button which has also been done before on these forums.



If doing a dash nav/tablet replacement isn’t what you’re looking for there are plenty of options for mounts with both of the following companies:

ProClip USA

Ram Mount USA


I have had limited experience with both of these companies and their products, but all of it was great!



Now for the juice, if you are looking for the latest and greatest MAPS for your whipski then here is the direct download link to a google drive I made just for map updates. This is the latest Version 8 update compatible with the Kenwood system found which you can find out more about here: CLICK ME If you would like.






If you don't see east, wait an hour or so and try again. It's still uploading right now (12 APR 9:20 East Coast US time) and version 9 is coming your way in roughly a week.


If for some reason the links are broken OR your vehicle doesn’t have compatible maps and you would like to see if you can find the latest and greatest for your model than you can look HERE


I think that about sums it up. Please ask questions HERE if you have them and not via PM, this will prevent them from being asked over and over (or at least until the thread is too long for someone to want to read).


Enjoy. Hope it helps.





If you are an enthusiast like myself and wish to help others, please donate. It is not required, but it is appreciated to help with the time and costs associated with the nav updates. Enjoy :-) DONATIONS APPRECIATED





==========================BREAK=============================V10 INFORMATION IS BELOW=============



Well it is finally here. Version 10. Thanks to some help from AMM23. Remember to donate if you can.









Again thank you goes out to AMM23 and all the members who have supported the release of previous versions.

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Update to V10
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There will be an update on another hour or so. Believe there was a mix up on east and west files if anyone has issues.


**It is compressed and uploading to google drive right now. Likely it will take all night so I will refresh the links in the OP in the morning before work if I have time.

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Burn it preferably with DVD-ROM booktype setting if your burner supports it. If you have Imgburn, that is what I use. I believe it's still free.


Just downloaded IMGburn. I'll check for that setting.

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Good question. I'm not sure.


To my knowledge, there isn't a brand specifically that will work better than the other as far as type of DVD. As long as it fits all the data it's good, however brand wise ImgBurn is what I use to burn the .iso's


Remember, a dual layer DVD is almost the same price at staples and fits more data

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burned the east DVD today, it loaded up but there was no map to it, it was just the blue water texture the whole time. also it says its version .3. im verifying the ISO atm, but unless east and west got mis titled, its showing no roads for the east here
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Hey guys, I have been going through the ISO files and mds/ version text logs. Seems there was a bit of confusion and I apologize for it all. I am uploading a verified version 8 EAST AND WEST. I will update the link in the top thread and then post it again down here. Sorry for all the screw ups, but hey...it's free right? lol


depending on compression and upload to drive time, it should be done in a few hours.

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A popular historical recommendation for DL media has been Verbatim DVD+R DL, and I've had good luck with it in my 2008 Legacy. I usually try to burn at a nice slow speed, too - 2.4x or 4x.


There are plenty of other good choices, but the Verbatim DVD+R DL seems to be some of the best that's widely available.


I remember getting very frustrated with a spindle of Memorex DL media, and vowed "never again".


DVD-R might work in this application, but I've never tried. I don't think it's quite as well supported by random DVD readers.

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