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Strange Failure - Can't find the same symptoms anywhere


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Thanks in advance, I sure hope someone can help point me in the right direction - or at least tell me where I'm wrong.


The Car:

2005 Legacy GT 5EAT

Stage 2+

BRN 16g / Downpipe / Infamous Oil Feed / Infamous Tune

No IPT or Valve mod, but there is a transmission cooler


Previous Signs:

Nothing stands out. I drive a semi-long commute on back two-lane roads. They're fun, but not especially hard on the car. I usually do it in D or in Sport, every once in a while in sport-shift. I have never brake-torqued the car or neutral dropped it. I do auto-cross, but haven't ran since 2013. I've had the odd hard shift or two, especially when cold, but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I would call a pattern.


What Happened:

Driving home, reasonable speed (another car in front of me - 45-55), suddenly I hear a high-pitch rising whine, reach to turn down my radio, when the car sort of lurches. I hear some other noises at this point, but I honestly don't remember much about it, as the I was realizing the engine was no longer pushing the car. As I pushed on the gas, the engine revved, but the car didn't respond. At this time I also heard what sounded like a rising whirring noise, maybe twice, that didn't seem to be related at all to the engine RPMs, but separate.


So the engine is disconnected from the drive train (revs, but no movement at all) and I'm on a two-lane winding hilly back-road highway. I turn my flashers on , and try to coast as far as I can (no shoulder on the road and it was almost all downhill from there into town). At this point I have no power assist anything - not steering, not brakes. The car is in neutral and the engine is running just fine. CEL is on (solid, not flashing), cruise is blinking and I think at least 2 other lights were on, but I don't recall which ones. I managed to finally get it off the main road and into town where I got it into park (which worked, btw). I tried once to put it into drive, but the engine just revved - didn't hear any other noises, so I shut it off.


The belts are all in place, seem fine. There is no fluid leaking in the engine or under the car. I run a tablet in the car, and IAM was at 1.000, no obvious issues in the guages - everything seemed just fine engine-wise. I pulled a learning view, and got 3 codes:

P0345 camshaft pos sensor A bank 2

P0340 camshaft pos sensor A malfunction

P0700 transmissions control system

(The camshaft codes I've gotten before - I cleaned the oil control sensor and they went away - been meaning to replace it but haven't seen the codes again before now)


The car won't start at all now - cranks, but won't catch. I reset the ECU using Learning View and the only code that came back up was the P0700.


I can find lots of stuff on the 5eat failures, but every example I come across has SOME sort of indication before hand. The car has been driving great, no issues, and especially none in regards to the transmission. The loss of power assist also seems unusual for a transmission problem, but maybe I'm seeing multiple issues at once?


Any ideas on what I can check, or what might be happening are welcome. I'll be calling a local shop in the morning to see what they think, and possible having it towed there if it seems fixable - otherwise I'll get it back to the house and go from there... Thanks!

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After it disconnected (like it was in neutral), I could still rev the engine, no loss of timing or boost that I could see, but both the steering and brakes were no longer assisted. I'll check the vacuum system when I get back to the car, but I'm starting to think I'm dealing with multiple issues.


Although, if there's a vacuum issue, it might explain why the car won't start. Could the loss of the transmission cause a spike somewhere that would blow off a hose or something? ...just seems weird.


Thanks for the thought, something to check out for sure.

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Finally got back to take a look at it in the daylight... pretty obvious what happened, surprised I didn't see it last night, but oh well. Oh, and I apparently suck at diagnosing issues based on sounds.


Pulley shattered. Blew chunks all over the place, destroyed the plastic cover and ripped the timing belt, but didn't shred it. Not sure if this is the cause, or an effect, but either way I now know where to start.






It's back at the house, trying to figure out next steps. I guess I'll pull off the rest of the timing belt cover - it's got to get replaced regardless - and start looking into how to check the rest of the engine. I know there's the potential for internal damage, so any advice on things to look out for would be appreciated. Thanks..

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