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Cryotune Review


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I wanted to share my experience working with Dave (Cryo) for my recent tune. I needed a tune that would get me from CO to CA, and that would need to be revised once at sea level due to the significant altitude change.


Dave was unbelievably helpful, informative and flexible throughout the process. He truly went above and beyond to ensure that I had a safe tune from start to finish.


He was flexible when dealing with rain prior to my planned road-tune before starting my drive. If he had not switched dates last minute, my trip would have been delayed.


He helped find customers in SoCal who could help me datalog and reflash revisions since I am technologically inept. He was completely understanding when it took me much longer than it should have to find time and assistance to complete all necessary datalogs and reflashes.


Throughout, Dave taught me as much as I could understand about what he was doing and why. His attention to detail was scrupulous from his full pressure test to his policy of running a test reflash prior to the real reflash on each revision of the road tune.


Dave is a stand-up guy and a fantastic tuner. Having worked with several other tuners over the years, I would highly recommend Dave.

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