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BrenTuning: Legacy GT Tune Day Round 3


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Ok so we've been receiving request to do another one of these. We enjoy tuning days so here it is!



Location: PSI Tuning (4 Elm Street, Auburn, MA 01501). Dyno is located in the back of the building.


Time: August, 24th 2013. Tuning Starts at 10am



Cost: $400. This is for Dyno Tuning only - no power pulls this day.


Deposit: $100 to sales@brentuning.com on paypal


Tune List:

JermTheElf (Paid)

LordChilly (Paid)

Nrw (Paid)

'13 wrx (Paid)

SpecBfan (Paid)


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I would come up for an E85 tune but it's too difficult to get where I live right now.


My nearest station is 45min away but i dont drive my car much so i just bough 2 15 gallon drums that i will store it in then take a trip once every few weeks

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