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Shout-Out to our Vendors and Members

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I just have to say that being a part of this online community has been a pleasure from the start. I jumped on here two years ago when I picked up my LGT, and have relied on the information in these pages to save me money, troubleshoot issues, execute mods, purchase goods...the list goes on and on!


Recently, I decided to undergo the Stage 2 jump as well as pick up some interior items, and there has been no shortage of PM's with just about every vendor from Redlinegoods, ERZ, Subimods, Infamous, Dave from Cryotune, the folks at Boston Motorsports; all offering their honest opinions and suggestions and spending the time to PM me with responses to my questions anytime day or night!


I couldnt imagine being part of a more professional, helpful and courteous group of people, and although i have never met any of you, including the other forum members who have answered my questions, explained vacation pics to me (you know who you are) and so on, I feel part of a great group.


Give yourselves a collective pat on the back LegacyGT.com, you folks rock!



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+1.. I'm not sure where I'd be without the support from the guys on this forum. I've put myself through more trouble than probably necesary, but that pales in comparison to how much trouble I would have encountered without this forum. Thanks guys!
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LGT.com-promoter of all that's evil and GIANT sponge for money. If all you bungholes didn't talk so much about mods, I would have NEVER put on swaybars, coilovers, wheels and tires (5 sets dammit), TMIC, intake and turbo inlet, HP+ brake pads, UP, DP, catback exhaust, Whiteline LCA bushings and RC kit, and all of that OTHER damn expensive stuff.


LGT.com=VAMPIRES for my mod money.....LOL




<sigh>....Oh well....keep up the good work....<slapping forehead>

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