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diff fluid change

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gonna be changing out the front and rear diff fluid on my 2009 2.5i. just wondering for the rear diff do they use metal or liquid gasket for the drain plug and is it the same for the front?


There is NO gasket maker for either plug :)

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For the 4EAT, there's a copper gasket for the front.



The manual calls for a liquid gasket for the rear, but I never used any and had no issues. I confirmed with shtbxr22, who works at a Subaru dealer, and he said the following:

you don't have to use anything on the drain/fill plugs on the diff, at all. i have never heard of that. if you were to use something, I would recommend going to a hardware store and getting teflon paste. I have also done hundreds, maybe more than a thousand rear diff. svcs, and never had a leak afterwards using no sealant.
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Rear diff isn't exactly under pressure, you just fill it up and it sits at the bottom of the diff and oils things as they run through that puddle o' fluid. I'm sure there's a rally team that at some point in history had to use duck tape at some point to seal it, and it did seal...




Paul Hansen



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