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Injector Recommendations based on Drivability/Tuning


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Anyone running the 1100 side feeds on pump.


The only reason i ask the 1100cc on pump question is i'm debating on going 850s with meth injection, or 1100s with OCCASSIONAL E85 use.


and i'm worried about a DD on 93 with 1100s being able to idle and control correctly just cruising around.


I'm running them. I've ran them for a few months now...on my stock turbo. :eek:. Compressor surge was aggressively noticeable, but now with the bigger turbo, it's hardly apparent. Idle is pretty smooth considering the size injector. It's set at around 700rpm. I'd say if you're modding a dd for big power that necessitates these injectors, then you'd easily be able to tolerate the 1100cc injectors. I really don't notice much difference. Also, today I started the car in 15 degree weather, with tgv deletes, big injectors and guess what? No trouble starting it. Fired right up just like it did when bone stock. Didn't die, no stutter, idled fine, nothing. Don't believe all the myths you hear on the intrawebs. A good tuner can work these out.

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