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Injector Recommendations based on Drivability/Tuning


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In my experience the issue with side feeds is mainly the limitation of flow. Idle, drive ability, etc I see no issues. Running 1000cc and north, thats the issue. I have had success with DW1300cc side feeds. But those are no longer made. Theoretically a 1000cc side feed is about as big as the design will allow.


DW still offers 1000cc side feeds. Part number: 02J-00-1000-4


ID are very good injectors. Made by Bosch. No issues there, but you will need to convert to top feed to use ID.

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Just to be clear, ID's conversion setup includes the top-feed fuel rails. The injectors fit into side-feed TGV housings, but they're fed from the top via ID's custom top-feed rails.




They sell a fancy hose kit but if you just use four of the ORB-to-nipple fittings it would be a lot cheaper. Those are about $10 each, one side screws into the rail and the other side goes into the fuel hose. (You can see two of those in their picture.) Then you just add a few feet of hose (a few bucks per foot) and some fuel injection hose clamps (a few bucks for a bag of more than you need).


Some of my lines are teflon tubing in braided steel, which costs more and turned my fingertips into hamburger during the installation process. Also involved a 90-degree steel elbow fitting on the back of the passenger side fuel rail because I was worried about strain in that spot... and that elbow was like $40 by itself. Turned out nice though, and gave me a whole new appreciation for hot rods covered in braided stainless lines. Lots of work, lots of pain, lots of $$$.


The swap took me a whole weekend, but using regular hose probably would have cut it down to 4 hours at most.

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