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DIY Interior wrapping - Suede Headliner How to


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This thread is for those interested in gettting rid of the factory two tone color scheme in there black interior equipped Legacys. Either because you don't like the look or like I can't stand the stains on the factory trim any longer.


I purchased a black ultra suede from a local fabric store (Not Joannes) after looking for the correct color/ texture in order to fit my needs. I wanted something with alot of texture and pure black. There were quite a few that looked purple/ blue and that isn't what I wanted. I also wanted something with a back in order to prevent the glue from seeping through.


Obviously, you'll be able to use this write up for doing any color you would like. Plaid, Shag carpet you name it, I'm sure it could be done.


I'll be doing this mod in 3 parts. Backwards, I know but it fits in my busy schedule and my other car is currently un tagged. So this is the only vehicle I have.




Part 1 A Pillar Removal and Recovering.


You'll need a few things for this part.



  • Sharp Razor/ Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Your fabric of choice
  • Spray Adhesive. (3M)
  • Flathead Screwdriver



What we have to work with.




Start with the removal of the A-Pillar trim. I found it easier to pull it down from the top. Insert a flat head in and hit the metal clip and push down. It should allow you to pull the trim up and out.






And out:




I started to pull the OE fabric off almost immediately with the help from my dog.




Once off i took 1000 grit to the trim in order to get rid of the grooves from the factory glue.


I didn't really take any pictures of the following step as I was working with glue and didn't have much time to work with. But make sure you cut out enough of your fabric in order to properly wrap around your trim.


I'd also suggest spraying a light coat on the trim and backside of the fabric. Don't go too heavy you don't want it to soak through!!! Pull, tug and work all the wrinkles out. You should end up with the final result looking something like this.




Do the other side and reinstall. Or keep going. But for me. The rest will have to wait.




Finished for the day!!!




You can see the grimey hand prints on the passenger side visor from the GF. :lol:

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Tonight didn't neccasarily go as I planned although I did get a chance to pick up the RIT dye from JoAnne's. It was on sale at $1.60 a box. So I bought 4 boxes. I also had a chance to run over to where I picked up the fabric and put in another order for 3 more yards of fabric in order to do the headliner.

Part 2 B Pillar Removal And Recovering


You'll need the same from part 1 with the addition of the following.



  • 10mm socket
  • Needle Nose plyers
  • 14mm wrench/ socket



For this part I would suggest disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery as you'll be working alongside the SRS system. If you need a picture of this you shouldn't be attempting this. Just disconnect it. Step on the brakes a few times to make sure any remaining electricity is removed from the system and you can get to work.


Start at the front of the car. Open up the door and look for the lower trim that follows the door/ carpet edge.




Remove the front trim, followed by the trim that runs down toward the b-pillar. Just a simple pull with your hand will get it out. No need for tools here.


However, you'll more then likely need to go back with your needlenose to retrieve the clips that pulled out of the trim and remained in the car. If your careful you'll be able to save these. If not you'll be buying new ones. There not expensive. But its another expense you can save by being careful.


Once the fronts removed move to the back.




Remove the door receptacle plug and pull that trim up




Pull up




At this point the lower b-pillar trim should be relatively free, you can seperate it somewhat but don't pull to far. You still have 1 bolt to remove.




Remove the Airbag plug at the top of the a-pillar. I pushed it out from the back as to not damage the edges and keep the taps in tact so that it could be reinstalled. Theres a 10mm bolt behind this. When you take this out, the pillar will be free. But don't pull just yet.






Get your 14mm socket/wrench and begin to remove the lower Seatbelt mounting location.




Make sure to remove the seatbelt harness that connects to the airbag system just below the carpet 6 inches behind where the lower mount is.


You should now be free!




Push this through the B-pillar trim and you'll be able to remove it.




I'm going to be dying the mechanism that holds the seatbelt as well as the airbag plug. But I'm not going to do this until I receive the rest of my fabric. So this is all going to have to come back out.


Start covering!!!




Wrap, pull, spray, tighten. Do what you can to get all the wrinkles out.




And your finished for now.




Reinstall everything the opposite as you uninstalled.




I did the other side at this point and stopped. In order to get the headliner out, all this has to come back out. So I'm not going to bother removing the rest of the interior until the fabric comes in 10-14 days.


At this point I'll also be attempting to dye the rest of the plastic interior panels. Oh shit handles, Dome light, Sunroof/maplight controls, as well as the seat belt adjusters, and the sunroof trim.

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I'm sorry I didn't really take a lot of pictures at this point as it was dark for one, and I just wanted this thing out... :lol: I was working in my garage with a 48" floresent light inside the car so that I could properly see everything at this point.


Part 3 Lets get that headliner out!!!


You shouldn't need anything different from what you used last time so your tool box should still remain in realitively good condition after this DIY. ;)


You'll need to remove the rear seat at this point. Its easy so don't get discouraged.




At this point you should be able to access the rear c-pillars.




From here I moved to the Front visors. Remove these and disconnect the harness for the vanity lights.




Next move to the Grab handles.




At this point the headliner should be about ready to come out. Disconnect the large harness at the passenger side a-pillar and pull it out of the clips that hold it securely to the a-pillar.


You'll also need to disconnect this harness from the sunroof motor if you have one.


You'll also need to disconnect a black cord that runs from the driver side a-pillar and runs all the way to the back drivers side rear window for the rear defroster. Its glued to the headliner, so take your timer and slowly work it out of the headliner.


The headliner should be free at this point. And the fun begins. :lol: At this point your stuck with a headliner thats about 2 feet to large for any opening that exits the vehicle. This part took me about 2 hours to not damage the headliner. I slowly but surely moved the headliner from side to side, top and bottom and some how it came out in one piece.:)


You'll be left with the following pieces: Excuse my pool room/ work table.




The majority of these pieces will be easy to recover. However the C-pillars have an odd design and the bottom black pieces are all part of the orginal part. This won't look right if we try and recover without removal of the black part.


Heres what it looks like: One piece: :(




We want to seperate these pieces. Pull back the sound deadning and and find the plastic welds. We want to remove these.




Be careful and drill these out.




These pieces are now seperate. However, try as I could, I haven't been able to cover them without getting wrinkles or missing spots. So I'm having a local upholstrey shop finish them for me. :(


We'll move on to the headliner at this point.




Remove the factory fabric.




And start covering...


At this point, I pretty much have everything finished aside from the c-pillars which should be done by Friday or Monday at the latest. I'll wait until there finished before installing everything.


Some of my finished products:














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Thanks!! Yes this will be a complete color change. A/B/C pillars along with the headliner and visors.


I'm also looking into ideas for interior lighting to incorperate other then the factory dome/map lights. Whether it be Fiber optics/ led's is still undecided. Hell I might not do any of it. But I figured I could do a bit more research before its finished.

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looking good, im very interested in how you are doing the visors. I have the same exact thing done to my car except I didn't do the visors because it seemed very complicated to do. suscribed for updates.


To be honest, I don't think I'm going to do the visors myself. with the vanity mirrors and the side sun guards, I just think it may be a bit too complicated or a home brew job.


I'll more then likely either take them to a local upholstery or enlist the help of JPMcoachworks




mmmm love the suede... or alcantara... or whatever the F it is...:)




Thanks. Hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of week.

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I can't wait for the headliner DIY! Good work!
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Jason, I can't tell you the number of times I've thought about doing this but I can't find a material that I like enough and is in my budget.


This fabric was alittle pricey at 40 some odd dollars a yard, but I was promised that it wouldn't fade. So I went with it.


Cheaper then Alacantra, but still has the same texture.


I can't wait for the headliner DIY! Good work!


Thanks!! I'll have some time tomorrow afternoon while the girls at work to hopefully get the rest of the interior out and prepped for the upcoming week.


I still need to get some plastidip, and I want to take some pictures of the various stickers on all the stock pieces so that I can have them remade.


+1 me too!


Soon enough.

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What are you going to do about the seatbelt sliders?
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Oo, dyed is a good idea! Just get a Homer bucket from Home Depot and a few packets of RIT.


I dyed the chassis of an RC car using that process. Worked like a charm, and the results were stellar.

[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/proper-flip-key-interesti-159894.html"]Flip Key Development Thread[/URL] "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - E. Hubbard
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Great to hear!!! I'll look into the process alittle deeper tonight when I get a chance to start removing the rest of the interior.
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It's really easy. If I were home, I'd be able to take a pic. You boil water, pour into bucket, stirr in dye powder, submerge part, wait. Super easy, and it doesn't flake off like paint will, and doesn't change thickness or anything like something plasti-dipped will.
[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/proper-flip-key-interesti-159894.html"]Flip Key Development Thread[/URL] "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - E. Hubbard
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I got the dye at an Ace, and I had the 5-gallon Homer bucket from HD. I bet HD sells the dye.


It worked on the plastic chassis of my RC car, so it should work fine. The best part is, with black, there isn't really "too long". It'll just keep getting darker.


Make sure you dye while wearing clothes you don't mind having ruined, and do the dying in a vessel you don't mind ruining (hence why I used a Homer bucket).

[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/proper-flip-key-interesti-159894.html"]Flip Key Development Thread[/URL] "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - E. Hubbard
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I have a few of these buckets laying around. I'll make this my plan tonight.


Get the majority of the plastics dyed along with finishing the B and C pillars. The headliner will have to wait as I didn't buy enough fabric. 3 yards wasn't nearly enough to do the entire interior.

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