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Philly auto show - impreza concept


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It's definitely what the 2010 Legacy should have been, imo.


btw, anyone else think the new VW Passat looks a little too conservative? I like the understated styling of the fourth gen Legacy, but the new Passat just seems kind of blah.

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The new Passat appears to be a new Jetta that they took to a photo booth and enlarged 20%. I'm really disappointed that with a car as good-looking as the CC in their lineup, VW decided to go in the opposite direction for the Passat.
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Looks pretty sweet, but it's just as big as the 5th gen leggy.....


It's not though... looks can be deceiving


L x W x H in inches

186.4 x 71.7 x 59.3 2011 Legacy

180.3 x 68.5 x 58.1 2011 Impreza (WRX and STI Width is 70.7)

178.0 x 71.7 x 56.3 2012 Impreza Concept


The concept is not as long or as tall as either the current Impreza or Legacy. It's as wide as the Legacy and an inch wider than the current Impreza in STI/WRX form, but I doubt it will be as wide in the production version.


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It looks like a trend that cars shall look "fat" now. I'm not really fond of that either, making a small car look big even if it isn't much bigger than the predecessor.


And I think that the Impreza concept do share some style with the BMW M6 and the latest Saab 9-5.



So it's most likely a fashion statement, and we will have to live with it. The alternative would be to get a Murtaya kit instead and transplant the transmission to it.

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