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what rims would you pick for 300 shipped?

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what rims would you put on a 98 black limited? these rims are going for 300 shipped and come in 17 and 18 inch

















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According to TheTireRack.com with 17" wheels on a second gen legacy (excluding Outback) the optimum tire size is 205/50. Im not sure what else you could get away with, but just throwing that out there. Im also curious what else works on the BD with a 17" rim, because I am picking up a set of 17" wheels tomorrow for the Leggy and they need tires. :)
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another question I am going with the 17 what tires would be best fit 225/45, 215/45 205/45 or can I bump up to 205-15-25/50 for add pot hole relief!!!!



I would go 225/45, this is pretty much standard, iono why tirerack is saying 205's on 17's thats wierd. 225/45 is pretty much the real standard, many stock rims such as the STi's BBs's are 17/45 series.


The wider the tire the more traction, remeber that. The skinnier the tire the harder it will tire will have be used up, and they make for poor normal driving conditions, rain, and snow. The higher the sidewalls(50 series) does make for a more comfy ride, but your tires could suffer from sidewall sagg, when cornering(at somewhat tough conditions). They also make your rims look alot smaller, thing of having sorta outback tires on your car(well you wont be having 60series sideways but it will give it the same contrast)

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