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Canyon Cars

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Miata, speciffically with a "Flyin' Miata" turbo kit.


Saturn SC2, with good tires, a slightly upgraded suspention, and some basic power and weight mods these are wonderful little canyon carvers, and they can run well on the poorest of gas. These cars have very good F/R weight ballance for FWD cars, torquey motors, and indepandant suspension all around.

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I love carving up the twisties in my '96 SVX L. Actually enjoy it more than my previous '90 300ZX TT due to the awd adding an extra margin of safetly when the rear tires break loose...


The SVX has an auto trans but the 3.3L flat 6 has an abundance of torque, and I've upgraded to shorter gearing, sticky summer rubber, added polyurethane bushings front & rear as well as upgraded my brake rotors and pads.



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That car was awesome and there's something about driving a car that you can replace for +/- $300 in the snow... snow fearlessness!


Damn straight! Lost the front end of the GL to a tree in the backwoods and yet she can still jump motocross kickers ;):lol::lol::lol:

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Miata, speciffically with a "Flyin' Miata" turbo kit.


I would have to agree with you on that one, with an FMII kit, or Flyin' Miata's Ubercharger. A 2.0 Stroker motor, forced induction for about 250 horsepower, with the Mazdaspeed 6MT, Torsen Diff, coilovers, and some wide grippy tires.


If Mazda had imported any of the 2004-05 MX5 Coupes, I would be in heaven with that car having the above mentioned FM powertrain setup.





Otherwise, My other choices, would be:

a 944 Turbo/968 or

a 93-95 RX7 (FD3S)

a 2.5RS Impreza coupe modded to the hilt and turbocharged.

(possibly 05 LGT or WRX STi engine/drivetrain)

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