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Got some new wheels today!!!!!


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Picked up the wheels today after waiting for almost 4 weeks and I was starting to get tired of driving with snows since Nov.


BBS REs 18x8 + 50 offset- with Yokohama ES100s 225-40-18


I can't decide whether to lower or not- looks pretty good and besides I don't want to give up the ride comfort.



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Would it possible to request a close up shot? Maybe one from the nose of the car looking down the side as well?

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Wholly powerlines batman.


Nice wheels...cost and weight or wheel and wheel/tire combo?


Wheels are 19 lbs Tires are 23lbs- for a total of 42 lbs

Cost me almost $4,000 Cdn with taxes

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Very nice, very classy. I have been debating going with a mesh-style or a Prodrive-style 18" rim for my white GT for some time now... your hot ride has just swayed me back towards mesh. I think the current fender gap looks great, not too high. If you aren't crazy about lowering it, then don't.
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Thanks- the shop that sold me the wheels and tires painted the calipers.


MUD- I'll get the shots you requested this weekend- it rained all day and the cars a mess.


grimbeaver- I looked at the CHs but they won't fit. The offset is too low .


I looked at the RGRs as well but they're only 7.5" wide the REs are 8" .They both were the same price- so I went for the wider wheel.




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