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Rota Gravel - JDM Enkei STI replicas!


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Sweet looking BP, in a rare color too! Could you tell me how is your wagon lowered?


18x8 Hyperblack






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Please let me know how much negative camber you're able to dial in up front. I took mine to Firestone and they told me they maxxed out at -0.7 :icon_roll I was told they could only loosen the bolt on my front strut and wiggle it.


18x8+48, 235/40R18, Pink wagon springs, Bilstein HD.

I'll take more pics after getting an alignment to dial in more negative front camber.

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Shop I took it to didn't have any issues getting to the -1.5 degrees that I asked for. I forgot to ask for a printout of the final settings, though.


I did have to tell them that the top bolt on the strut is eccentric, which is what's used to adjust camber.

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