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If there were no Legacy

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My Great uncle is a huge car freak, he has 2 high 8 second cars, a mercury marauder, 2002 BMW M3 and a couple other family cars. Anyway for his 2 daughters 16th birthday 1 got a 79 Trans Am and a 88 Trans Am this was back in 1990. And the other got a delorean and something else. I just like how even the twin turbo delorean is only a low 16 high 15 second car. Sooo slow
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no LGT...

WRX, Pontiac G8, Audi possible.


off topic, i think the Delorean had like 175hp or something... saw a documentary on it a few weeks back. and they are back in production, same weak ass motor. but they are working on a new more powerful setup.

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The U.S. market Delorean actually had only 130 hp from a SOHC Peugeot-Renault-Volvo 2.8 liter V-6 due to emissions limitations. Euro-spec Deloreans made 170 hp from the same engine.


I probably would have splurged for an Audi S4 Avant if no LGT wagon were available in 04-05. Now, I'd get an 09 WRX 5-door.

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