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Pictures: VF52 next to VF40

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Lol, I hope you guys know the vf52 is on his WRX....

Stg2 09' rex results can be found on Nasioc easily.


and I think someone had posted results on a vf52 same mods on a legacy?? I dont remember specifically but 290whp is coming to mind

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testes1010 has a thread in the tuning forum documenting his mods and tunes (tunes himself, does road pulls and has a program to turn it into a dyno plot) and his latest updates were for a vf52 he added after putting on stage 2 parts. the numbers seem a LITTLE high, but he has good fuel (no 10% eth, pure gas) and really knows what he's doing. i think it's on the first page or two so it should be easy to find.
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I would think that the VF-52 has the "dents" on the inside of the housing as well.


I also think the housing isnt built that way for physical positioning aka "shoe-horn". (note the physical size of the housing is basically identical to the VF-40).


My guess is there is alot of engineering that you aren't seeing behind the design of that housing.

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Perfect turbo for the car. Stock fitment and overall feel, just more oophm. Should have come from the factory like that.



i'm just trying to justify the costs...


used vf52: ~$750

protune: `~$675

grimmspeed TMIC:

upgrade accessport (i have v1 still)

install cost



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