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Brake noise while driving (rear pads)


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Have a strange problem: while driving slowly, there is a noise from the rear, sounds exactly like a brake noise. However, when I brake just a little, noise is gone.

Looks like rear pads (Bobcat) are touching rotor.. And there is no springs on a rear pads that suppose to push pads back (like on fronts) when you release a brake.


Anyone had this issue? How rear pads can not to touch rotor, if no spring? Have to clue. Checked everything, applied new grease.. does not work.

BTW, pads are good, replaced 15k miles ago. quiet while braking.

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Have you tried bedding in the brakes ? If all is fine like you say, try this.


Get the car up to 55mph or so, stand on the brakes to the point of ABS kicking in but do not stop the car only slow to about 10mph, do that 4 or 5 times with in a 1/2 mile. Then drive for couple of miles to let the brakes cool. See if that helps.


Could be you just have dust built up on the pads.



BTW I just did this after a put new OEM rear disc on and new rear ceramic pads. It stopped the shimmy from the front brakes during normal braking. The brakes feel better then they have in a long time.

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Thanks, I'll try that.

I doubt it will work, as my problem start appearing after several hard braking: I was datalogging, which involves relatively hard braking from 90 mph to 40, as I was going too fast for a 45 spd limit road..

Before, brakes were quiet.

I'll try to bed it again, will see.

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The pads will always remain in contact a little bit when you release the brakes.


You can remove the pads and make sure the areas where the "ears" of the pads contact the bracket are clean and free of dirt, grime, etc.

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^ Oh.. When I've removed brakes to check what is happening, it was dirty all around these ears.. I DID NOT clean it (did not think it might be the problem), just applied some grease.

But now I see your point, the dirt may prevent pad to back off when you release barekes.

I'll clean them tomorrom.

Thank you for the advise.

There are no bad people, just differeent.
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