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Showing a little pink and getting rid of stock rims


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Well, after begging and pleading to Santa for money on X'mas, I got these. As it turns out, I guess I was a good boy this year. :)


First pic - totally stock. Yeah yeah, no need to tell me how bad the pin stripe looks. That was the first thing that came off after Myles from RaceComp Engineering first looked at the car and couldn't stop laughing. :)


Second pic - Dirty car with STI springs (from RaceComp Engineering)


Third pic - BBS RGR 18" x 7.5" with Toyo Proxy 4 225/40/18. Pictures don't do it justice. (from SpeedofSoundPerformance.com)


Fourth pic - Showing a little pink with the RGRs


**** If anybody is interested, I'm selling the old stock rims. I think the going rate is $200 a pop?? I'm letting three of them go and keeping the fourth as a spare. ****







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Wow, that combination really looks good! I was thinking about the same, but with the wheels in 'HyperBlack' or whatever they call it.


Oh, and what kind of tint and who did you have do it?

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Wow....those wheels look sharp. Were those the set Myles was selling??? I was interested but came across a deal on some Volks with SO-3s I couldn't pass up. I still love the look of those RGRs. :)


As for the price on stock wheels, I assume you are talking $800 for wheels/tires, right? I had alot of offers at $650, but no takers at $800. I ended up working a deal for my stock wheels (kept the tires for the winter wheels on our MINI) plus cash for some used Prodrives. Basically, I got $650 for the wheels alone (but buying the seller's wheels in the transaction). Seems many people who are interested in buying wheels are selling some too, so patience is a virtue here. Hope this helps with selling yours. Good luck!



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Thanks for the responses. Those rims weren't the ones Myles was selling but I was talking to him about buying the ones you were talking about. I think his were the BBS REs. We actually closed the deal and all I had to do was pay for it but due to circumstances beyond my control, the funds were no longer at my disposal and I had to back out. Myles was very understanding about it which is why I would have no problems doing business with him again.


When I put them on, I did feel a little rolling resistance but with that I get better grip. I also noticed that they were a bit noisier than OEM.


The tint is the Suntek Carbon 35%. It's a very nice tint but I didn't really like the job they did puttig them on. It's not that they did a bad job. It was not a great job.


As for the rims. If somebody wants to buy them @175 each, that will work. All I want is fair market value and I'm only selling three of the four. If I end up keeping them, I end up keeping them. Heck I still have four rims from an old ford probe GT. Yeesh! Anybody want to buy those?? :)




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one word. HAWT!


I love RGRs. When I get a legacy, it is going to be a tough choice between Volks and RGRs. I've not seen a lot of the silver RGRs, mostly the diamond black, or whatever they call it... and they look really good.


I know what you are talking about. I had a Probe GT, no longer, but I still have some three spoke Mustang TRX rims without tires. I haven't been able to unload them in almost a decade. I think they are probably worth more as aluminum scrap (if anyone wants em... PM me.)


Anyways, Great looking car! Good choice losing the stripe.

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i wanted to get 18 inch rgr's but tirerack and other sites were selling for something like 5-600 per wheel. instead i got piaa mesh rims for about 300 a wheel. check it out, they look jsut like the RGRs, if not better (in my opinion):





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