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help PGT choose wheels!

what looks best?  

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  1. 1. what looks best?

    • A) Privat Netz - Forge Grey / polished lip
    • B) Foose DF-1 - bright satin silver / polished lip
    • C) Stern ST-1 - hyper black / polished lip
    • D) Work Varianza T1S (but in matte grey / polished lip)
    • E) other - please suggest!
    • F) where are my pants?? (the jedi option)
    • G) BBS RS-GT (humor me)

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For wifey's new gas guzzling SUV. 20x8.5, but no *bling* dubs for me. :lol: We have a set of Volk GT-Force (like GT-V), but Mackin sent the wrong fitment and have no more left, so back to the drawing board.


Please vote! The color will be hyper black or matte or gloss grey depending on what is chosen.
















edit - added 'G'


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there's a show FX i've seen with time attacks! :p


a black one? one of the guys just bought some last month....black + TA's = meh


problem is most Volks go to 19", but not 20's. The tire selection of 19" SUV sizes is about two items long, both over $300/tire. 20" tires can be had for $125-175 for name brand choices. Besides...ours has the Sport plg and 20x8" wheels stock, so can't go <gasp> smaller :lol:

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I voted for the Stern ST-1 - hyper black / polished lip, but I also like the Privat rim...


I liked the Stern at first, but just saw a similar wheel on a mid-size GM today, in *bling* chrome. :rolleyes::lol: Stern is owned by Big Apple which also does ADR, so lot's of them out there. All versions of them are copies of a Work wheel in any case.

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B. in chrome or polished. dark wheels look to much like the import boy racers to me i got rid of my Hyper Black Rotas and never looked back. looks are subjective buy what your wife wants and you can't go wrong. :lol: bosco
Stay Stock Stay Happy
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How are these not bling?



If you be talking to me ... they are all "Blingin'" but the color of "A" put a classy match to the overall look...! imo...I remember seeing it before and it cam across very well ... although you do have a point for sure!



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