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2007 Spec B Radio information thread

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Does the radio plug right in to a 2005?

Yes. The CD changer, radio, and XM satellite all work. The climate control is fully operational as well.


Does the Auxiliary input work?

Yes there is a switched logic line that you need to set to make it selectable. How-to below


Is there any reason I would not want the 07 radio?

1. It is slow to select CD's and tracks because it looks for MP3's.

2. Your OEM subwoofer will no longer work, will need an 07 model and/or harness


What are the part numbers I need?

There is speculation about this as it it appears the face plate and the radio have been split up into two parts, it's possible we won't really know until someone orders one OEM, but it is expensive if is the case ($950 shipped). You do not need to AUX box, as you can follow the instructions below for AUX input.

Please double check this with your parts guy before you order:

86201AG67A Radio Ay Up2 $450

86213AG65A Panel Assy $400




Techincal information:

Model on front: P204-UH. Supports MP3/WMA playback (not WMA Lossless) with SRS WOW surround, auxiliary input, and XM satellite optional. It has soft on and off, and greets you with "SUBARU" when powered up.


Extra connector for satellite receiver control, it is controlled through the front panel only. Clarion XM unit model: EF-12475 attached to mine. On the clarion unit the bus connection is marked as "SIE-BUS". This appears to be the 20-pin Kenwood cd changer output found on other Subaru radios i.e. GX-201. I confirmed this using the pinouts and an oscilloscope, they are all there. Splicing in cd changers, ipod adapter, etc, should be possible, as well as hands-free phone kits and navigation - depending on what's available on the market now. This connector has been available in Australia and Europe at least, so it needs to be investigated. The Sirius models on Impreza's and Foresters are a different type and will not fit (without at minimum a physical adapter).


See these threads

http://www.subaru.com.cz/viewtopic.php?t=175&start=0 They are hooking up a Kenwood C929 MZ-Bus CD changer through an adapter that just changes the connector type.



Auxiliary input is available through 4 pins on connector i85, the connector has to be modified to do this, as the wires are not present in 05. The "super woofer" connections are no longer present, OEM subwoofer no longer supported through that output. The 07 subwoofer feeds off the main radio connector http://techinfo.subaru.com/html/down...?doc_id=139266.


I tried the NAV input, it appears dead, although not completely sure how this feature works in a car with NAV.

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AUX IN: need to modify connector i85. (8-pin connector with a white insert) You will not be able to use steering wheel controls or the oem subwoofer after this mod. Although if you bought more pins you could use the steering wheel controls, here they just get reused because I will never do that mod.


i85 pins looking at it from the front:




8 is the green wire, this is the only one do not modify and leave in place (see pics)

Remove the rest, cut them from the car, and solder to your wires as below.

Removing the pins can be difficult, you need the right shape tool and some patience. First you must remove the white guard at the back, and then remove the pins. I used the probe below. You must go in through the front of the connector and lift up the plastic tab behind the ridge on the top of the pin. I won't lie, this is almost like picking a lock.


This is how you should plug them back in:

1 - Left

2 - Right

5 - Audio ground (not body ground) This should be the shield in your wire, as you should use a 3 wire cable, one shield. (see pics)

6 - AUX box detect. This pin needs to go to body ground, for safety I added a 300 ohm resistor. I just sent this wire around a screw in the back of the radio.













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Glad to see someone taking this project on. Thanks for sharing your how to DK!


I will be doing this upgrade as soon as I have enough subie bucks saved up. Do you have the SOA part number for this unit?


I'm most interested in how much it will take to get the Aux input to work. Please go into "electronics noob" details on this. ;):lol: :lol:


No worries on the CD changer as I won't need it when I can use my iPod!






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You need the OEM receiver.. You can probably order it if you call your subaru dealer.. I don't know what the PN is.


ok...Subaru only offers a XM receiver for the Legacy/Outback/Tribeca. So, can I get an Impreza/Forester Sirius receiver, and hook it up to my Legacy radio?

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where's that how-to, you git!? :icon_mrgr i am wating to pull the trigger on a new headunit, pending this explanation. i don't need to replace the arm rest unit so that the aux-in female plug is available in there. i am content to run the aux wire to anywhere in the cabin.
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Ok, I've been looking around at the different Sirius receivers. This is the only Sirus unit that looks like it even plugs into anything on the OEM radio. Obviously, without going to look at something, I won't know for sure. But, am I at least on the right track on where to look?
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Ok, I've been looking around at the different Sirius receivers. This is the only Sirus unit that looks like it even plugs into anything on the OEM radio. Obviously, without going to look at something, I won't know for sure. But, am I at least on the right track on where to look?

I actually have a similar unit I bought a few years ago that was solely made to work with Alpine head units (or at least that's what it says). It's brand new, never used, and DK if you need me to (I doubt you do), I can get it out and take pictures of connectors or whatever if it'll help with anything (I doubt it will).

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I have the Alpine Sirius Connect too, but I have an Alpine HU in my WRX.


For the OBXT we have the Starmate in the cubby and its hardwired to the stereo power (i think, dunno let Circuit City do it, and i dont drive it often).


So what this all means is that if you buy a "SAT ready" Subaru whether its XM or Sirius you can get the kit from Subaru and use either one? That is very interesting.



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