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not really. That is not the first time doing that. though is sounds like hell while driving, most of the rocks and gravel stay in the wheel well. I have only noticed one chip in the rear section of the car, and im not even sure it came from driving like that.


One thing is for sure, aggressive driving chews the hell out of your tires and rims. I didnt feel so bad doing this as i am looking to get new ones soon anyways.


Glad you all enjoyed the video. I know i loved making it!

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After some fun driving and close calls, the video is complete. I have posted a clip on streetfire.net. So take a look. Guarantee to make you drool!




Great video. But the sound track.... ummmm..... Please all please none, eh?


Great video and sweet turn on that gravel hairpin!

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Guest *Jedimaster*
nice! but my computer wants to know what the hell a ".flv" file is :lol:


There are FLV players or you could convert it- I used to be able to just change the extension to .WMV, but that doesn't seem to work with the version of media player on my laptop.

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