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07 Spec B in Winding Road Magazine

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Nice mag! *subscribed*


And good article - it has me nearly convinced to get one!

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Thanks for the link. Great magazine with the kind of seat-of-the-pants comments I look for in a car mag. Downloaded all the previous issues and will be reading through them as well.


Also, found this link on the site too. Subaru ProDrive P2 anyone... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPdQlWcJaBY]YouTube - Top Gear YT Edition: Prodrive P2[/ame]



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GREAT FIND! Nicely written, great photos, AMAZING access to a variety of cars too... just signed myself up! :) BUT... check out this quote, had me laughing!


"The Legacy GT Spec.B arrived last year

as a limited edition, giving Subaru’s midsize

mainstay an injection of the STi’s

mojo. Suspension upgrades, eighteeninch

wheels, and unique paint and interior

trim defined the model, a scant 500

of which fell into the hands of the most

fervent of Legacy loyalists. This year,

to the certain chagrin of the 500 who

leapt on the ’06 model and the delight

of those who missed out, the Spec.B

becomes a regular production offering."



I know, I know, they're trying to get people excited about it, it was jut funny since I belive there's still about 50+ (maybe alot more?) still out there. :D


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