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My Liberty Feature in the Subie sport magz.

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believe it or not.


at 4:30 this morning i woke up to take a shit.


picked up the subiesport magazine.


i was sitting and wondering if you were a member and if you were going to post this.



nice car!

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Nice car!!! :icon_bigg We just ordered the same grill you have.


I am way behind. I just read the June or July issue. I think AC is holdign out and readign them before she mails them to me down here :lol:


if you have a USDM bumper it won't fit perfect

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Wow! That's awesome!


I once had my pic on the logo titlebar of a rafting company's website and it was the highlight of my life for awhile. Yours is about a million times better.

Experience is something you don't get until right after you needed it.
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just subscribed to Subie sport mag. two days ago. saw your car on website. sweet. they just put steering wheel on the wrong side. lol bosco
Stay Stock Stay Happy
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