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Help save WRC on Speed TV!!


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I honestly do not understand why somebody hasn't created a NASCAR channel. I would think it would get good ratings in our country. I would program my cable box to never allow it to be seen, but I am sure tons of rednecks would have it on constantly. Think about all the gas stations/repair shops that would have it on 24/7. This should be done instead of de-contenting SpeedChannel
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Well it is understandable why we want WRC...neh ? Subaru and Ford are the only factory tems left. Peujeot, Citroen, Skoda and Mitsubishi left at the end of the season in 2005. Though as far as I know, there will vbe some Peujeots, Citroens and Skoda racing with year-old equipment by privateer teams ! WAY TO GO !


Makes me wonder...how Mitsu is gonna market their EVO X ! without a WRC campaign

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