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PERRIN Exhaust Installed!!!! Woohoo!!! BIG PICS.


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Hey all,


Just got done installing the Perrin CBE to go with the Perrin DP. I am so impressed with this exhaust. The quality is awesome (welds, flanges, fit, hardware, gaskets). It fit absolutely perfectly. The tips are both centered perfectly (within a 1/4 of each other) and the tips both stick out the exact same distance from the bumper (within a 1/4 inch of each other.) To the naked eye, it's perfect. It took about an hour to install (nice having the DP already installed.) All of it lined up the first time and did not require tweaking.


The sound is just SICK. It sounds SO nice. Very low rumble with some loud pops on decel (thanks to no cats.) Very classy sounding, not like the STi. It has a nice tone within the car - a little louder for sure, but nothing obnoxious. The wife is absolutely in love with the sound! After all, it's her car, hehe.


Performance-wise (I did an ECU reset) I noticed a HUGE improvement! Butt-dyno says at least 15AWHP. What I can't get over is how smooth the car runs now. The hesitation/balking crap is gone as far as I can tell. I mean the car just pulls hard now. So smooth. And it's not even Protuned yet!! That comes in 2 weeks (we're getting both cars done same day hopefully.)


Disclaimer: No sound clip, yes we know the car's dirty, and yes it needs some Pinks or iONs, and yes the dog's eyes really are green.):)


Dang, I'm excited, can you tell!?!? :lol:

Crappy video:











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curious, would stock cans bolt right on to that ypipe?


yes. I have the Perrin center and y-pipe mated to the stock mufflers. works great. sounds pretty sweet too actually, with Cobb DP.

getting out of the legacy game :cool:
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