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Where is the grounding cable that connects to the intake manifold?

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I'm dealing with a P0037 code that won't go away, and I'm at the stage where the ECM is reporting less than 1V on the heater element signal.

I had a shop take the engine out about a year ago and since then the code will not go away. They blame it on the harness wiring being melted by the exhaust, but that doesn't make sense, since I've checked all voltages/resistances from the harness and they're all good.

What I believe the issue might be is that the car is likely not properly grounded, and so far the only ground cable I've yet to find is this one. The service manual has pictures with a metal manifold (like the on in the STI) so the picture is no good for me.

Searching the forums, I found this quote:


...on the back of the intake manifold by the brake booster there are two bolts on a metal bar above the valve cover.

But I can't seem to find this. I want to be sure I'm looking at the correct location and/or part, before I assume that the shop simply didn't install it.

Would anyone be able to show me a picture of this connection? I've scoured Google image search and Youtube videos but I haven't been able to see it.

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Bad timing since my engine got itself exploded all over my garage, but +1 to the above.

Super easy to see/find. If the above described little aluminium arm isn’t there with two burly wires attached, something is very wrong.

I’ll see if I can find the parts and at least get a photo of them as parts….

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I've added new 4-gauge cables to both the alternator and to the manifold, ran out of daylight to finish the rest and test the o2 sensor, but fingers definitely crossed!

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Here, that's the driverside valve cover in the lower left



With the bolts lifted up, wires removed.


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