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Doesn't seem like bargain basement pricing, so could be alright.

Do you not have a spare set from the original engine, or were they a different size?


Getting your current set cleaned and tested is also a lot cheaper if you can spare the few days. Maybe there is someone closer to you, but these guys are supposed to go do good work:



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 The stock ones that were on the motor are probably bad, it seems like the previous owner clamped / crimped on those little aluminum pintle caps and they look rough. It misfires time to time on multiple cylinders w new coils and new plugs at 0.030 gap.  Buddy got a comp and leakdown test done and all checked out. just wanted to drop some new ones in but I also dont want to pay 100$ for 1 injector lol

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I’ve got a spare set in the parts pile, a pulled from a car I parted a while ago.

Not brand new, but they are OE and they cam from a running car.

I would do a lot better than $100 each if you just want a set that aren’t chewed up to use. Let me know.

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