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FS: PA N.E. 2008 Outback XT 5 MT LTD


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2008 Outback XT 5mt LTD

Newport Blue metallic

130xxx on car 5000 on engine


clear title

no lien

Towanda PA  50 miles s.w of Binghamton NY 50 miles s.e. of Elmira NY.  

VIN 4S4BP63C986352706

e-mail abdiv62@gmail.com

Asking 11,000$


Decided to sell even after loading up on a new motor. I have had the car since 2/17 and 82k miles. I have the carfax from new until I bought it. No incidents or accidents. All recalls up to date. I have receipts and maintenance logs for everything I have done to the car. Here is a hard parts breakdown.

Engine:  New Subaru short block. Heads reconditioned with new exhaust valves , clearances checked. ARP head studs. STI oil pump. Killer B pick-up and windage tray. New oil cooler. new OCV's from Subaru. I used the Aisin timing kit. Rebuilt stock injectors from GB manufacturing. New vac. lines, coolant hoses and sending units. I added the Get A Dom tune coolant line. New VF52 turbo. New  Cobb heat shield lined with DE reflect-a-gold tape.  New Grimmspeed TMIC. New Grimmspeed EBCS. Perrin intake tube and crank pulley. Group N motor and trans mounts. Break-in tune  from Cryotune and followed Their oil change procedure. Final tune by Cryotune 18ish lbs boost.  Grimmspeed downpipe since 4/18.

New flywheel and ACT HDSS clutch with new throw out arm and Subaru TOB with new engine.

suspension:  Stock Legacy GT wagon springs front and rear with KYB Legacy GT struts. Megan racing rear LCA and correct bump stops with 1 inch saggy but spacers. Whiteline 22mm front bar and 20mm rear bar with the AVO heavy duty rear mounting brackets. Moog greaseable links all 4 corners. Front lower control arms with new ball joints bearing hubs and bushings installed @ 117648 mi. I installed the Perrin steering joint stiffener.

Brakes:  Legacy GT front discs with the correct backing plates installed with Goodridge braided lines all 4 corners. @ 98000 mi.

Tires: Firestone 500 installed on plasti-dip painted stock wheels and have approx. 7500 mi on them.  I have 4 Firestone winterforce snow tires on plain black steel wheels with 15471 mi. on them.

Body is in very good shape there is very little corrosion on the underside and minor dings and scratches on the paint. Everything works except the TPMS. I got tired of them failing and removed them. There is a cubby pod knock off with oil pressure and oil temp Pro sport gauges installed. A Cobb AP comes with it not installed right now because watching it drove Me nutz. The front seats are in good condition and the back seats in very good condition. I even have the original front Subaru carpet mats in their original un-opened bags. The Subaru heavy duty rubber front mats are worn. There are stains under the front mats that are not visible. I have the crossbars and all the spare tire/jack stuff is complete. I have extra miscellaneous parts and 10 or so new oil filters.

I am sure I am forgetting some stuff. I have a lot of paperwork if You have a question or want different pics e-mail Me.  No matter what I do the pics are upside down. I will re-take them as soon as I can. I do not have high speed internet so loading pics takes awhile.

If You found an Outback/Legacy wagon in this good of cosmetic shape, You couldn't build it the way I have it for this price.












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20 hours ago, RumblyXT said:

Great looking wagon and a manual too! This is the car I was looking for a couple of years ago.. 


Yeah it's a fun ride. The suspension changes make it a joy on the winding mountain roads around here and with Outback gearing when the VF-52 kicks in it's a rocket. 

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Been accepted at Cars & Bids so if anybody was interested in this car now is the time to make a reasonable offer. I have to take this listing down when Cars and bids goes live in 3-4 days.

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On 8/3/2023 at 3:25 PM, m sprank said:

Sticker shock.  GLWS!!!

lol , Yeah the sticker shock was when I added up the cost for the shortblock, head work and the rest of the engine parts. Yikes

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A built ej255/57 runs north of $6k.  But that does not make the car worth $6k more. You don't get your money back on modded cars except for very rare circumstances.  Don't mod a car thinking you can get your money back, mod a car to enjoy it while you have it. You have to pay to play.  

You might want to research a bit. Cars in similar shape are selling for thousands less.  Or you might get lucky and find an uniformed buyer. Either way, good luck I hope you get what you need out of it. 

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I totally get that, I figure 75% of the parts for the motor and blue book is the most I'll see. Last 4 modded outbacks at cars and bids went for 12-13k . 

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It takes one of us Subie fans to truly appreciate what gets installed on in these cars. Unfortunately when selling them, I've always seen we're more likely to get way more money for the car when it's unmodified.

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I have not seen the car in person. 

Appears to have the standard LGT "sticky dash".  Is an east cost car so I expect rust, possibly into the inner fenders already. 

I know more about the cars than 99% of potential buyers.  Not a fan of all the mod choices so I know would I have work to undo and correct (like always).  I would be pulling the clutch and flywheel for a replacement the moment the car cooled off from the drive home.  Will NEVER again own or drive a car with an ACT. 

I just sold my 2019 4Runner for a profit.  Car is a few hours drive away, but I have no issue with the distance.  I would however be looking at $4-$5k cash as a max offer.

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Hopefully it finds a home here but looking like a good start on the EBay bids.  ($6k and climbing) Saw it there first and figured this MUST be a LGT.com car.   An 08 XT w/ 5sMT in a solid color is hard to find.   GLWTS!

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Surprizingly enough there is almost no rust on this car. I used the Australian " sticky dash fix" and that actually works for awhile then You need to wipe it down again, a sunshade also works wonders.





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Honestly that undercarriage doesn't look bad at all for being in PA. My '05 OBXT was up North most of its life and looks awesome underneath, like it never saw snow, only the radiator support brackets are rusted. But I'm always suspicious of buying a car up North.

I say you could probably get $8.5K-$9.5 for this car.. The interior looks great too!

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Yeah funny story. I found the car in Toledo while living near Cincy. The car lived mostly around Columbus. I went to Busam Subaru for the airbag recall. I arrive to pick up the car and can see it's up in the air on a lift with 5-7 people under it. I get to the service desk thinking "oh crap they found something I didn't" . I ask " what's up with My car" . The service manager is at the desk and says" We have not seen an Outback that old with no rust" This part of PA where I live now didn't allow road salt until 2012 and only on major highways at that. Too much drainage into streams.

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