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Track day coilover supporting mods

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2010 LGT 6 speed is my DD but looking to compete in production level time attack events 5 times a year.


Current set up, Stage 2 OTS, with 19mm STI TSB.


I'm going to be installing RCE tarmac zero coilovers and I'm wondering what supporting mods I should consider.


Right now my main considerations being:


[ ] KCA406*Front Control Arm Inner Rear Bushing and Positive Caster kit

[ ] KCA313 Roll Center Kit

[ ] W0568*Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing Kit


I understand that upgrading the shock mount is a good idea as well as potentially the top hats since I am in Ontario, Canada so the roads here are salty 4-5 months out of the year.


There is a bunch of stuff listed in the suspension mods sticky, but not much of it is talked about:


Misc : (Bushings, Endlinks, Etc)


08+ WRX/STI Perrin Anti Lift Kit


08+ WRX/STI Endlinks (Rallitek HD, Kartboy KAR KB-017-F KAR KB-017-08)


08+ WRX/STI Whiteline KCA326 Rear Camber Bushings


08+ WRX/STI Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (Megan, Cusco CUS 692 474 L)


08+ WRX/STI Adjustable Rear Toe Arms (GT-Spec GTS SUS-1407)


GT-Spec Rear Rear Strut Brace (GTS-SUS-1425)


KCA313 Roll Center Kit


KCA406 Front Control Arm Inner Rear Bushing and Positive Caster kit


KDT905 Rear Differential Positive Power Front Kit


W63225 Rear Upper Inner Control Arm Bushing Kit


W0568 Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing Kit


KB-017WLS Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (For Compatibility with Kartboy Front End-Links) (Hat tip to fredrik04087 for expanding on this list)


@subadoo I see you have a ton of suspension experience so I would really appreciate your expertise or any support offer from anyone!


On a side note almost bought a 4th gen LGT for track duty but decide to keep the ol' 5th gen on double duty, thoughts?


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Not a racer by any means, just some dude who likes to drive spiritedly and has experienced some things.


There are some here who do competitive events and should be able to give more helpful ideas.


That being said...


Yeah, +1 on doing top hats at the same time unless done very recently. I put on my coilovers and didnt, and needed to do the hats soon after. Symptom was a light clunking on uneven roads and I narrowed it down to the hats after having someone jounce the car with my hand on the hat and feeling a tiny bit of give.


After replacement noise gone, and gained a bit of precision in turns.


Also agree with putting on some additional camber capability in the front. I am not too low and I am running out of camber adjustment already, maxing out at about 1.3 deg negative only.


Definitely need a way to adjust rear camber as it is fixed, and good to do the toe arms also. I didnt do toe arms and initially I was able to get 0 toe with less than 1 deg negative camber but now as things wear in I find I need more toe adjustment range.


Cant comment on the rest of the stuff but it looks to be a pretty comprehensive list!

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Mmmm I'm subbed for opinions. I'd like to get some coilovers soon and tackle a bunch of the suspension too.


After 100k miles in the NE things look a little worn down there. Just rebuilt some Kartboy front endlinks (they sell rebuild kits which is awesome). About to get the Rear Kartboy endlinks too but I haven't read about any fitment/performance issues.


From what I've seen around here you might consider upgrading from the 19mm RSB to the whiteline 22 or 24mm, the 19 just isn't stiff enough (apparently) :shrug:

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The fronts are relatively simple and just do a complete overhaul IMO.


Mevotech arms use a solid rear position bushing and have been touted frequently as an performance option, havent tried them though.


So if you do the arm assemblies with ball joints along with your coilovers and tophats, you now have a fully refreshed front suspension.


Stock RSB is 16mm and I am happy with the Cusco 20mm I put on. Turn in feels very noticeably better. But again not raced, just driven spiritedly.

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mevotech front arms are definitely a worthwhile upgrade...heard some chatter about the ball joints not be top not but i've put ~15k on mine and they're still just fine...small sample size but hey. and yeah 19mm RSB made a world of difference when I installed mine...thinking about upgrading to a 22 but have more suspension work that's more important first, but for $50 for one from a junk yard or craigslist or whatever, definitely a good bang for the buck upgrade to go 19.
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Let me chime in since I have firsthand experience with them.


The STI "tS" aluminum 5th gen arms will be a direct perfect fit for his car. His profile tag says "Liberty", meaning he's Aus based, so his car is JDM equivalent, and he won't suffer the fitment issues USDM cars do that use them. They have STI catalog part numbers, check my build thread in my signature, I have them listed there.


As for what creep_nu referenced, USDM cars have 20mm wider track width than JDM/world market cars. As such, installing the tS arms on our cars actually un-squares our front fitment as they're 10mm narrower per side (20mm overall), so in order to run square front to back, USDM cars would need to run 10mm spacers on the front.

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