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xt touring question

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might be a dumb question but do you guys put regular or premium?

I mix it up each time. Makes me feel better since I’ve used premium the last 15 years. The stations I go to have 3 levels, regular, medium, premium and I just alternate. For now I can afford a few cents a gallon difference in price, but I don’t commute long distances. Peace of mind is worth a few cents.

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On the east coast, we get 87 as our lowest octane (aka regular) but when I visited Utah, I saw their "regular" fuel was 85. I think the mid-grade was 88 and premium was 91. Anyone out west use 85 octane in their XTs? And if you did, do you notice any performance lose?
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If you put a lower octane gas, then the ECU will pull some timing due to knock, which translates into some loss of torque and power. However, if Subaru optimized the FA24 engine's tune to run lower octane gas, then yeah (somewhat) pointless to put higher octane gas. But that also means there is power left on the table.



When I moved from the East coast to the West coast, I manually removed a couple degrees of timing on my tune when 93 was no longer available. I felt the loss of torque. That was on an 05 and an 06 OBXT.

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