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Timing belt crank guide

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Hey guys so I had a shop do my timing belt on my 07 LGT and the car was running amazing until about a week ago it just turned of on the way to work I towed it back home and put it in the garage.

Than I took the timing covers of and I spun the motor and both cams were perfectly timed but my crank was 1 tooth ahead and the crank timing belt guide was never put back by the shop what should be my next step?, should I just re time the motor and put the guide in and hopefully nothing is broken?


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You should at least let the Shop know. May be it was a mistake. See what they say.


If there's damage, they need to know and step up and fix it.

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If it’s an automatic there is no guide(s) from the factory, only mounting points for a guide. Was a holy shi.. who was in here? moment for me when I did my timing belt and saw no guide. After a quick search I discovered the autos don’t have one. If you think its off by one tooth double check as it takes a good amount of turn at crank to make a small difference in the marks at cam gears. Edited by DaveWaters
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Guide is there on MT only. It is there to stop the belt skipping teeth from shift shock. No shift shock on an AT.


That being said it sounds like the belt skipped. Re-time it and cross your fingers. You cant perform a leak down without being in timing anyway. If it only jumped 1 or 2 teeth you should be fine.

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