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Grease - Engine-to-Transmission


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The recommended greases are:


  • Nichimoly N-130 (1) (eBay only)
  • Phillips 66 Multiplex Red No. 2 (2) (widely available in the US)
  • Subaru P/N 000041000 (3)

These are recommended to lubricate the splines and other parts (clutch fork pivot, fork-to-thrust bearing, shaft-to-thrust bearing, shaft-to-pilot bearing). (3)


Purchasing a single cartridge would require access to a nearby ConocoPhillips distributor, none of which exist in Central Virginia, but I have found a vendor, Fastenal, who sells them online by-the-tube:




$10.27 + tax + shipping.

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Just to clarify, do not put anything on the matting surface of the tranny and block, I believe that is a ground path. This grease is for the clutch area where things need to slide and spin.

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It is okay to put neverseize on the alignment dowel pins, and I recommend this, if you anticipate having to remove either the engine or transmission.
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TSB 01-167-08 is floating around on google and has recommended alternatives in case you're unable to find some of those, in addition to alternatives for other things recommended in the FSM.



Here you go: https://community.cengage.com/Chilton2/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-00-00-19/6507.2804.2008.Subaru.fluids.TSB.update.pdf

01-167-08 09-09-2008 6507.2804.2008.Subaru.fluids, greases.TSB.update.pdf

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