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The Official Military Thread


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First off, I would like to thank everyone who serve's, or served our country.

These brave Men and Women risk their lives every day to protect our freedom.



I wanted to start this thread in honor of Veterans Day which is next week.

If you serve, or have served, or just want to say thank you, drop in make a post.


If you serve or are prior active, reserve, or guard, put down your info


1. Branch

2. Rank

3. Dates served

4. Duty station


also Im trying to make a list of currently deployed LegacyGT owners

here is what I have so far.


1. Andrew.Anderson -Iraq


Thank you for your service!!!!!!!!!!!



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I geuss I will go first


1. USMC (active) Semper Fi!!!

2. Corporal 0311/8152 Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (1st FAST 6th platoon)

3. july 1999 to july 2003

4. Marine corps Barracks NAS Norfolk VA, Marine Barracks Baharain, Camp leguene

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Hey bro, good lookin' out.


Please keep those who put themselves selflessly in harms way to ensure our way of life in your prays.


Here's a little of my info:

1. U.S. Army

2. SSG

3. SEP 1990 - SEP 2005

4. FT Benning, GA

FT Bragg, NC

FT Lewis, WA


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US Army (13B, cannon crewmember)


Jan 85 - May 88

B Btry 5/15 Field Artillery

Ft. Ord, CA


US Army Nat. Guard


May 88 - Aug 92

A Btry 2/146 FA

Camas Wa (drilled at Ft. Lewis/Yakima firing center)

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1. Cub Scouts

2. Bear

3. Sept. '76-June, '77

4. Pack 155, Den 1, Crystal Lake, IL



Just kidding, guys! I never had the balls to enlist myself, but I have tons of respect for all you guys that did, or are. For those whose service is over, thank you and congratulations, and for those still active, thank you and stay safe! I really do appreciate your sacrifices!

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1. United States Marine Corps (Active and then Reserve) Semper Fi !!

2. Corporal, 0351 (Anti-Tank Assaultman)

3. 1998-2004

4. Camp Pendleton, CA.

Al Taqqadum, Iraq. OIF II

Have trained at: Camp Lejune, NC

Quantico, VA

Fort Campbell, KY

Fort Benning, GA

Twentynine Palms, CA (Every Marine's favorite ha ha ha)

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Wow, Lotta Military and Ex-Mill's here..


First, Thank you, each and every one of you! I'm proud to have you securing the ways of Freedom and Liberty for everyone, not just me.


Every male in my family except me has served in the armed forces (it's not a tangeable tradition in my family however.) I lost my father to Vietnam (mentally, he is still alive) So war faded fast on me at a young age. I never enlisted or wanted to.

Decided, that I would work to make change at home from inside, thats where I could help most.


Again many humble thanks.. and SALUTE!

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Silent Ranks


I love you baby! And miss you more then you know :icon_sad:


Not many people know this, But the hardest job in the Military, is being a wife.


you take care of the kids, the bills,take care of the house, the holidays, and hardest of all you have to not only explain to the kids why daddy is not gonna be home for christmas, you also have to deal with the heartache of knowing that its so many days until he comes home.


Hang in there AndersonCollectibles.

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I was in Army ROTC in college, not that that counts much.


+1 about the wives....my mom is a strong woman. Three kids and a Navy wife. Worse, was when my dad would come home after a year away and as toddlers, we would cry and run away from the strange man. Just when we got used to him being around, he would leave again. Tours as a US attache to the Brits at HMS Dryad in Englamd during the Falklands, the admiral's staff on the USS New Jersey commanding the action off Beirut in '83, then a 'tour' living at the Navy Annex in VA under Adms. Jeremiah and Boorda re-organizing the Navy. It took me until my 20's to truly get to know my father. :(

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1. US ARMY, 25th ID Light

2. E-4, 11H(TOW anti tank platoon)

3. 1994-1997

4. Schofield Barracks, HI



1. Port Au Prince, Haiti (1995) Operation Uphold Democracy


Trained in

1. FT Polk, LA

2. NTC - Ft Irwin, CA

3. Big Island of Hawaii

4. Sapporo, Japan


A big Thank You to those who continue to serve us today from my family to yours. I am against the current situation that our government has put us in, but I will always pray and continue to show my support for our men and women in uniform.

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While it seems like yesterday, it was 15 years ago I was in. However, not a day goes by where I don't think about it.


1. US Army

2. Spec-4 - 19K (M1A1 gunner / HMMWV driver)

3. 1988-1990 (recalled to the Gulf War 1991)

4. National Training Center (NTC) - OPFOR

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Once a Submariner, always a Submariner


1. US Navy

2. FT1/SS

3. Sept. 97-present


USS San Juan (SSN751)

COMSUBGRU-2 / Virginia C3I Test Det.

Martin Luther - "Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long."



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2. Capt (O-3)

3. Jun 95-Present (Active)

4. Wright-Patterson AFB


USAF Academy

Gold Bar, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Flight Test Eng., Edwards AFB, CA

AF Institute of Technology (Masters)

Research Aero Engineer, WPAFB, OH

Exec, WPAFB, OH (Now :()



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