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New Subaru Forester to be announced on 3/29/18


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Thanks for the link, it’s a damn shame Subaru is axing the XT...I might tell my dad if he wants the XT he should go for it this year!


I would think a FA DIT forester XT will RE-appear sooner or later. (2.4, 2.0).


I have not read anything about it though,

...such announcements maybe made next week, just after they pull the tarp.


no hood scoop on the ascent,...so no easy way to look for turbos hiding under a tarp.


but maybe more news on a 250hp electric hybrid.

(some hybrid / electric should be on sale by subaru in december 2019).




hopefully there is a quantum leap on front seat comfort

vs. what narrow hard things have been used in the foresters since 2011.

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The current Forester XT is a 2.0 DIT:




fixed my previous post. to "RE-appear"


as around November / December of 2017 there were news stories,

they were pulling the turbo Forester from the line up for 2019.


what is on the lots now are 2018 US spec. what is under the tarp at the NYC autoshow is the 2019 US spec.

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the correct US time should be Wed March 28, at 1:45pm EDT


March 29 as referenced in the thread title and on the japan subaru site's countdown clock is from them being on the west side of the dateline.


subaru seems to like the NYC autoshow for pulling tarps on new bodies.


next year maybe the 2020 outback.




2015 legacy sedan was revealed before that around Feb 2014 in Chicago.



so maybe again in Chicago 2019 for the 2020 legacy.

opens Feb 9-18, 2019 as per


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I think he means putting a battery in place of all the foam under the current floor/spare tire well.

Which also would suck because then there wouldn't be any chance to bring a spare unless they come up with another solution for a full size spare. And I use one of the other season wheels as a spare.

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