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List the specs you want for your DREAM Legacy

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My REALISTIC :) Dream Legacy:



Rota D2 Royal Black 17 X 7.5 $650 X

Lee Tint(local guy that does excellent tint jobs) X

Splash Guards $96 X

JDM Replica Front Grille X




Defi D-Boost Gauge/AVO Pod \/

Defi D- EGT/ A/f Ratio Gauge X

Fix ciggarette burn on right pillar passenger side X

Passport 8500 Wired In V



STI Pinks X

Crucial DP \/

STI Up-Pipe \/

Up-Pipe exhaust manifold/Turbo Gaskets X

Accessport V (Ultimate Goal of Stage II w/ Pro Tune) X

Pirelli Zero Nero Ultra A/S \/

Perrin/Greddy Evo 2 Catback Exhaust X



Little Things:

Crucial Sticker X

Legacy GT Sticker X

Perrin Air Filter Cleaning Oil


X=What i have not done, V=What i have done so far

06 TB EVO IX SE stock turbo monster subaru hater :lol:
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i want another ej25 in my trunk to power the rear only, and the front one can control the front...convert to 4 wheel steering....and i wanna make the car amphibious and still able to do about 80 over clear water.....possibly add wings and look into jet propulsion
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A few extra features I would like to see would be...



Stiffer rear sway bar

2 position seat/mirror memory

Slightly more headroom

Telescopic steering wheel

Single temperature control dial for dual zone

Larger stock armrest (yeah I know they have the extention but they should have made it stock)

Fold down rear seats

A few more storage areas wouldn't hurt.


Other than that I like it so far overall. Solid car, little heavy on the gas but provides a lot of fun time. Can't wait to try this out in winter.

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twin turbo H6 please...


werd....with a 6spd....brembos, Navi, better stereo (aftermarket supplemental friendly) w/steering whl controls....that's it from the factory....everything else I'd want to go aftermarket...ie, wheels/tires, suspension, exhaust....

If you can read this, you're following too close.



Click Me

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A real GT-R:

2200 lbs

700 whp @10,000 rpms

700 lbs.ft. @ 2,000 rpms

8 piston fronts, 4 piston rear brakes with 15"x1.5" rotors all around

brake bias dial

adjustable DCCD to 10/90 or 90/10 split

10:1 steering ratio

5.5:1 compression ratio

fender flares/ GT-R widebody kit

18x12 rims weighing 18 lbs each

315/30/18 tires all around..

10" LCD to display all engine parameters


did I forget anything else?

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Stage 5 Axis motor

Some kind of matching turbo running some insane 25psi or something

FMIC thermal coated black to hide it

Big Brake kit

Stock lookin 18's

Upgraded suspension that keeps my 8.7" of clearance

Sti 6MT with DCCD



Leave exterior mostly stock

interior not mcuh different than I have it..... Maybe some nice black cloth Recaro's

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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To follow j255c's format pattern, (edit: non-feasibles are in italics, the rest is what I really do want...)


Dream Legacy: Legacy STI S402



WR Blue paint. Solid/San Remo Red as a second choice.

BBS RG-R or RS-GT rims, Diamond Black faces, polished lip, 18x8 with proper offset. STi center caps and black spline-drive lugs

smoke ceramic tint... Somewhere in the 20-35% range

Outback Fender flares, without cladding, similar to Corazon kit. Also Outback's molded mudflaps that fit to the flared fenders. (something inconspicuous to keep the dirt off the paint.)

K2gear front and rear bumpers, modified to blend to the OE fender flares and integrated mud flaps

K2gear front and rear lip spoilers, and CF mesh grille with K2's CF subie oval badge, and STi badge (JDM Spec B/OB size grille)

Otherwise re-badged to B4 STi theoretical specs, which I have layed out in another recent thread earlier today. An S402 badge for the grille and trunk lid would be cool... if I could get one made...


Euro-spec Headlights (no amber, darker-than-chrome reflectors) refitted with USDM 06 WRX STI HID low-beam projectors, and Halogen-InfraRed high-beams. Selective Yellow Foglights, perhaps Hella Micro-DE HID Projector Driving lights. JDM/ROW tail lights, possibly smoke tinted, or tinted red around the edge to mask the darker-than-chrome bezel.

LED tail lights and rear amber signals would be ideal, with a halogen reverse bulb. lightly smoke tinted mirror signals, or aero side mirrors like the new M5, with LED or Electro-luminescent mirror signals...




If Red, Silver, Gray, or Black - red Spec B style leather, with black piping added at side seams.

If WR Blue, Regal Blue, Atlantic Blue, or White, then Black leather with Blue alcantara inserts like WR Limited JDM model.


Spec B Steering wheel with audio controls. Add red stitching.

STI driver's airbag with STI round logo.

Red stitched shift knob, and parking brake.

Euro-market elbow rest.

Line-in mod to stereo, output through a CleanSweep and aftermarket amp and speakers. 8" free-air sub in the rear deck, a-la McIntosh stereo overseas.

Piano-Black or CF interior trims on console sides and inner door pull garnishes. upolstery accent in door panel to match seat color.

Defi/STI center gauges, or Defi BF Boost gauge... I'd love to somehow add the Defi HUD, if it could be finished in OEM fashion.

CHMSL replaced with LED strip at top edge of rear glass. Block plate or upholtery over original location.


I'd love for the seats to fold down, but that might be a request for the next design. I'd love to retrofit the wagon's folding seats into a sedan, if it were feasible, but i am not thinking that it is.


I'd also love a double-pane front and rear glass roof, where the front panel slides under the rear panel. That might be a little too fanciful, but not much...



Brembo Grand Turismo brakes (maybe with Red calipers, rather than STI gold... depending on car color) slotted 2-peice rotors, stainless lines. STi master cylinder, Hawk HPS or other premium pads.


STI Pinks or Swift progressive rate springs

Bilstein inverted Spec B struts, or Bilstein coilovers.

Cusco chassis braces

JDM/Spec B aluminum control arms.

Cusco swaybars, quality heim-jointed end links.

Rideheight lowered about 3/4"-1" for good stance/wheelgap but appropriate ground clearance for approach angles.

Pirelli P-zero or Bridgestone RE950 High-perf Summer-biased All-seasons.

Separate 17" wheels with Vredestein Wintrac snow tires for the winter.



Ideal: Twin (parallel) turbo H6 of 3.0 or 3.6 liters. 400+hp and torque.

Realistic: 2.8L bored EJ257 engine (LGT or STi block) At least 350hp/torque

Twin-Scroll turbocharger, if there is a slightly bigger one than JDM OE.

More Likely: AP Stage II, maybe a bit better..

Perrin TMIC or PDX-style FMIC. (airbox under the hoodscoop, if FMIC)

Upgraded fuel system, intake, cooler thermostat, high-pressure coolant caps, etc.

Upgraded Oiling system, thermostatically controlled oil cooler, accumulator, etc. for extra insurance on the engine. Perhaps even an electric oil pump to prime the pressure on cold-start.

Full exhaust system, from turbo back. 2.75-3.0 primary, single high-flow cat, resonator with 2.25-2.5 secondaries going back to concealed (flat bottomed and black ceramic coated) mufflers, and polished double-walled tips


The rest of the Drivetrain:

STI 6MT with Helical/electrohydraulic DCCD and rear diff (from 06 STI), with front and rear helical gear LSDs (from S203). Perhaps a slightly taller final drive than the WRX STI, for longer highway legs.

CF/alloy main driveshaft, strong & lightweight halfshafts. (less mass to recoup some drivetrain losses)

Ideally, STi 5x114.3 bolt hubs...

Really awesome: a DSG-type double-clutch electro-hydraulic manual trans with F1 shift paddles. I'd give up a clutch pedal for that! (as long as it has a clutch inside. no torque converters.)

More likely, 5MT with better clutch/flywheel and top-grade oil. STi wheelhubs would be great, though.


Little Things:

Maybe the new Harman Kardon I-pod controller setup, if it can be integrated well.

Wired in Valentine1 for preventing all the new speeding tickets... (haven't needed one so far, knock on wood, but this car is going to be damn fast. :D )

Maybe some parking sensors built into the rear bumper cover and painted bodycolor. (my wife hates backing up any car taller than her miata.)

Homelink compass mirror. (So I can show my wife that I constantly know where I am going :lol: )

I'd love to have the Tribeca's three-dial LCD Climate control built into the Legacy's better looking console, with a flush-mount double-din stereo bay, or at least the McIntosh head unit, with a line input or two, and separate amplifier. Something a little more flexible to get signal into and out of.

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yeah my dream legacy was more of a feasable dream.. somethign i could actually maybe accomplish over the next year and half.. But yeah the previous post would be nice :).
06 TB EVO IX SE stock turbo monster subaru hater :lol:
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