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Disable DRL on 2007 LGT, its not the same as 2006.

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Found the answer... Scroll down the page for a link, or click here: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/drl-disable-10-minutes-2117p40.html



So I have tried the DRL disable where you unplug the wiring harness under the dash. This worked except it also disabled by high beams.


Do you guys know if there is a different way to disable DRL in a 2007?


Many thanks!

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There is a sticky about this at the top of one of the forums.


I am sure its in here someplace. I did a search and found the instructions for 2005-06. Nothing on 07?


If you know where to look and can help a newbie to the site that would be great.

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It was 40 pages into the thread to find my answer. Whew! The search function needs some love or we need a Wiki page with all the best solutions on it. Something...


Here is a link for the solution:




That link doesn't work for anyone who changes the default "posts per page" option. You should link to the post like this (click on the post number on the top-right of the post):




Or just quote it:


It's underneath the driver's side dash, beneath the steering wheel. There's an underside plastic panel - you'll have to remove that panel, or at least take out a few pop-its (forgot how many) and maneuver the panel out of the way to get access to the connector. Relative to the steering column, I would say that it's tucked against the firewall to the upper left. I laid on my back and looked up to find it.



You'll see a black box that's clearly labeled DRL with two connectors: 1 white, 1 black. Pull the white one out (I thought it was kind of a pain in the ass); pop the black/blue wire out of the white connector (use a jewelry flathead screwdriver set) + wrap the exposed end + zip-tie it off; pop the white connector back into the DRL box. You're set.

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