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JDM only WR Legacy

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The 2004 WR Limited was ever so slightly better. It was a 2.0GT Spec B (more agressive bumper, 18" 10 spoke wheels painted gold, and Bilstien struts) Legacy as the base, where the 2005 is the "spec A" normal Legacy 2.0GT. Still a good car, by any measure. Otherwise the 04 and 05 are pretty similar.


I want that color on a legacy so bad I can almost taste it sometimes. As evidenced by my avatar. It would hands-down be no contest if that color were in the lineup (even as a special run) It would put all other color choices well behind. Solid red (used on JDM-only Legacy Blitzen model) might come in as a not-so-distant second to WR Blue.


Even if they screw up the nose on the 07 Legacy, but then turn around and paint it that color, I'd still consider buying it if I don't have a Legacy by then. Of course depending on just how bad of a nose job. Fenders, hood, lights, and bumper can be replaced with painted 05-06 parts easier than having the whole unibody stripped of parts and repainted.

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