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I'd hit it. :) Right up my alley, except for those friggin' tailights!


Sad to hear of the demise of the venerable 4G63, though. :( Very, very sad.

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For me.....it isn't the extreme change from older EVO body styles. It's more the fact that the exterior design of the X just doesn't appear as aggressive. The car in these photos actually seems to present the EVO as...well, more well rounded. It is almost a toned down sedan with hints of sports car.......and gives the presence of a better build quality than the last gen EVO. The last EVO, although very mean looking and sporty, looked pieced together. This car really flows.

My problem is that every time I see the pics, I can't get the image of a Acura TL and a Mazda mating out of my head. Very disturbing. I just expect more out of the EVO and STi since these two cars really carry themselves in a group of their own.

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