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RIP - Fourth Gen Legacy GT In Horrible Hit & Run Accident

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A couple of nights ago in suburban Kansas City, there was a high speed chase involving a Fourth Gen Legacy GT that ended in the death of the driver.


Check out this video of the damage to the car. http://bit.ly/1GVUGCg


The guy was running from the police after a routine traffic stop at an estimated 100 MPH in a suburban neighborhood hitting two parked cars, then a couple of trees before the car disintegrated. The engine ended up on fire, across the street. And get this... ...the hood of the car was found in the back yard of a house. Must have been one hell of an impact.



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Lives about choices...learn how to make the right choices.


He must have had a record or something outstanding...why run, stop and make it easy on yourself. You can't out run the cops.


Your life is worth more then a traffic ticket.

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Most people don't run unless they're on the hook for something big -- DUI at the least, most likely a felony, as it takes some pretty big balls to run from El Popo.


Either way, looked like a nice guy. Hope he didn't have a wife and children.

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