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Weird smell

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OK, I know that axle boot horse has been beaten. Mine are fine, but after spirited driving there's a weird burnt grease/oil smell that I get. Can't figure it out. Checked beneath car and on the cross member (passenger side )http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/16/ugagaba5.jpgthere was some grease, weird and green in color. See attached pic. That's looking up from below..


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Possible sources of a leak there include:



  • Banjo bolt feed for turbo and avcs
  • Oil drain tube from turbo split / damaged (likely)
  • Coolant supply to turbo (in your picture this looks fine)
  • AVCS Hardline cracked
  • Turbo oil feed hardline cracked (Top of turbo)
  • PCV assembly or line cracked and leaking down.

My money is on the oil drain tube being damaged and when the oil flow and pressure picks up from the "Spirited Driving" the leak becomes more prominent. The oil looks like it is coming from that transmission bolt due to it blowing back.



There should be no green color to pure oil, if you see green you also have a coolant leak around there somewhere.

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Powerwash the spot to get it clean (avoid the coils and all electrical) so you can determine where it's leaking. Then look for the fresh leak. You could also remove IC and see if there's oil in there and TB hose. That would indicate bad front turbo seal pumping oil into intake when you drive it harder. Any smoke after spirited driving when you restart after it sits? If so, most likely front turbo seal.
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